How to Make Your Car Look New -- Make the Best Gift to Your Vehicle

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

People today are keeping their cars longer, as the technology allows them to do so. Therefore, to get the most from your car, you need to have it detailed regularly.

But do you know what can you do to make your car look its very best throughout the years? Well, as noted, keeping it cleaned and detailed helps, as well as scheduling regular maintenance and inspections.

If something looks worn or frayed, have it replaced immediately. After all, when things get worn, it seems to have a synchronous effect. One worn part leads to a malfunction that leads to another malfunction, etc.

Keeping on top of maintenance and detailing are paramount to keeping your car looking its best. Following are some tips to get you in the habit of better car care and maintenance.

Well, just treat your car like a baby that is the best gift to your vehicles, isn’t it?

1. Get Rid of the Excess Stuff

When you bought your car for the first time, think about it. It was clean and spotless.

You did not have empty candy wrappers lying on the floor, or things, such as forgotten lids to colas, tabs, or sundry items, such as change, paperclips, scraps of paper, etc.

Plus, according to experts in the insurance industry, you should never leave certain items--ever--in your car. These items include the following:

Soda Cans and Snacks

A soda can can turn into a problem, whether a car is hot or cold. If you leave a candy bar in its wrapper in the summer, it can turn into quite a mess.

However, your upholstery is not the only thing at risk. Bacteria doubles every 20 minutes from that type of debris, even at room temperature.

Don’t leave food behind in your car for over two hours, or only 60 minutes when the temperature climbs to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aerosol Cans

If you use hairspray or anything in an aerosol can, don’t leave the can in your car. Any can that is pressurized responds to the temperature.

The contents inside can expand and contract, which may lead to a crack and explosion.


While sunscreen protects you against the sun’s rays, its not a good idea to leave it in your car.

Exposing the product to high temperatures not only degrades it but can cause it to smell.

That certainly will not make your car feel fresh or new.

Lighters and Cigarette Ashes and Butts

A lighter is typically small. However, it really packs a punch when it overheats. The flammable fluid inside the device is a definite fire hazard.

Cigarette butts and the ash they produce also make your car less attractive when it comes to cleanliness or newness.

Plastic Water Bottles

Be careful when you buy bottled water. The water in the bottle magnifies the rays of the sun and can actually cause a fire.

Plus, plastic, regardless of the form, when left in the car, turns into junk pretty fast.


Don’t leave your smart phone or tablet in your car, as it will add to the clutter and will also cause an electronic to break down.

2. Deep Clean Your Car and Condition the Seats

To preserve the quality and value of a car, you need to deep clean it about every six months. Wash the interior surface by wiping it off and shampooing it.

Vacuum your car regularly as well. You can really bring out the gloss of your upholstery by using a conditioner made for vinyl or leather.

3. Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Don’t leave the air filter in your car too long. Replacing the part regularly prevents dust buildup and the accumulation of odors and dirt.

4. Wash and Clean the Exterior

There is nothing about caked-on salt, dust, or dirt that makes a vehicle look new or inviting.

Therefore, it is important to wash your car, as it needs it, preferably once a week.

Use a gentle detergent that preserves the car’s finish and rinse completely to prevent any soapy residue.

Always towel dry your car after each wash.

5. Repair Dents and Marks

Cars look wrinkly and old if you don’t repair dents or marks. Fixing exterior flaws improves a car’s appearance and prevents both rust and corrosion.

6. Replace the Windshield Wipers

If you don’t replace your windshield wipers every six months, they will streak your windows and obstruct your view plus detract from a car’s looks.

7. Invest in Seat Covers and Floor Mats

To preserve the quality of your car’s interior, invest in seat covers and floor mats.

Doing so will keep your car looking more pristine, especially when it comes to mud and spills.

Adding these accessories makes it easier to clean the seating and carpeting.

8. Eat Outside Your Car

Eating on the go can lead to some messes, particularly if you are enjoying ice cream on a warm day or spreading ketchup over fries.

Try to eat outside your car if you can manage it.

9. Maintain a Regular Schedule of Detailing and Maintenance

To extend the life of your car, schedule routine detailing and maintenance. Make sure you calendar maintenance on your to-do list as a regular practice.

Are you doing everything you can do to ensure your car’s appearance and preservation?

If not, it’s never too late to commit to keeping your car cleaner and more attractive.

By keeping your car in good condition, you will have an easier time selling or trading it when you buy a new vehicle or trade up.

Keeping your car in good shape and practicing the above tips also keeps you and your family safer.

Whatever you invest in detailing, maintenance, and repairs is always money that is well spent.

Final Thoughts

Take a moment now to see how you can improve the looks of your vehicle and how you can make it appear newer and more sellable.

The first thing you need to do is clean your car’s interior and get rid of the excess junk.

Use an organized approach to keep everything in its proper place.

Get into the routine of washing your car every week and have it deep cleaned and detailed about every six months. 


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