5 Great Gifts to Give Your Baby's Birth Mother - Adoption Gift Ideas

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

Having a baby is supposed to be such a straightforward affair. Two people fall in love, get married, and start growing their family.

Sometimes, things don't go the way we hope they would, and other fertility options need to be explored. Adoption is a wonderful option for those who can't or don't want to have biological children.

And there is also a special National Birth Mother's Day hornoring women who choose adoption.


If you're working with an adoptive mother, it's normal to have a lot of feelings surrounding your relationship with her. She is not the biological mother of your child, after all.

Some feelings that adoptive parents can feel while working with a birth mother are apprehension, fear, gratitude, jealousy, love, protectiveness and other strong emotions.

It can be hard to put these feelings into words and even harder to find a way to show her how much this means to you. Perhaps you've decided that you'd like to present the birth mother gifts.

If so, it's important to select ones that send the right tone and deepens the lifelong bond that the two of you will share.

Here is a selection of great birth mother gifts that can help you show her how much your baby means to you:

A Special Piece of Jewelry

There are many options online for different types of necklaces and bracelets that have special significance.

A common design you will see featured is the "Adoption Triad," which is a heart inside a triangle. The 3 walls of the triangle represent the birth mother, the adopting family and the child.

Another great idea is an engraved bracelet with the birth details and the child's name. These gifts would allow the birth mother to continue to feel connected to her child even when absent.

A Copy of the Baby Book

Let the birth mother know that you have bought 2 copies of a baby book - one for you and one for her! Commit to filling them out frequently and often.

This way you can send her a most precious gift, the milestones of the child as he or she grows!

Gift Cards to Her Favourite Spots

The birth mother is understandably going to go through a bit of a tough time after the adoption. This is normal as she still has many hormones in her body from the birth.

Help ease her discomfort in the first few weeks post-birth by getting her an assortment of gift cards for her favourite things. Some great options are gift cards for books, takeout, coffee, wine, spa days and other indulgent things.

A Recordable Book

Recordable books make great birth mom gifts! This is because it allows the birth mother to record her voice reading the story.

The idea is that you will give this book to the child so that he or she will grow up knowing the voice of their birth mother. This can be very comforting and special for both mother and child.

A Framed Photo of Her and Baby

Make sure to take a nice photo of birth mom and baby. You can certainly get a large picture printed and frame it beautifully. But think of all the great birth mother gifts you could make with a nice photo? Key chains, mugs, t-shirts, a personalized journal - your imagination is the limit!


It can be difficult to pick out birth mother gifts for adoption, but now you've got some great ideas to get you started! You may also find more unique gift ideas for your baby's birth mom from an online gift shop Luckybudmall.