5 Genius Items Will Keep A Kitchen Sink Area Tidy Throughout The Day

5 Genius Items Will Keep A Kitchen Sink Area Tidy Throughout The Day

Oct 19, 2022

5 Genius Items Will Keep A Kitchen Sink Area Tidy Throughout The Day

Most of you may think that the dirtiest place in your home is the toilet, but you are wrong.

In fact, the dirtiest place in your home should be your kitchen sink. There’s probably more bacteria in your kitchen sink than in your recently flushed toilet bowl.

Think about what you put in that sink all day. Not just dirty dishes and souring milk, but bacteria from washing fruits and veggies...

And then sinks tend to stay moist, but you rarely clean it. Because of that, bacteria can flourish.

From meal preparation to dish washing or other clean up, you spend a lot of time near your kitchen sink.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the sink is the heart of the kitchen.

So keeping your kitchen sink clean is an important part of a healthy home.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean and Tidy?

How do people avoid their sink areas looking like a mess with tons of stuff draining, washing up gloves/ liquid/ sponge etc.?

The key is doing all your washing up, drying up and putting away immediately. You should make cleaning your sink a part of your regular cleaning routine, and repeat every day.

Once you’re done doing the dishes, give the sink a quick scrub with the same antimicrobial dish detergent you use on your dishes.

Besides of regular cleaning routine, you'd better always keep some practical items near your kitchen sink, which will help you keep your sink area dry and clean throughout the day.

1. Dry Your Sink with A Thick Absorbent Wood Fiber Dish Towel After Each Use

Bacteria breed better in a warm, wet environment. Keeping your sink dry will help cut down on bacteria build-up.

Dry your sink with this super absorbent wood fiber dish towel instead of a paper towel after each use, which will make your sink area dry and clean.

These are not only perfect household cleaning cloth, no odor, easy to clean, and a nice size; but also can save you scores of paper towels monthly due to their thick absorbent function.

As we all know that they’re more economically and environmentally friendly than paper towels.

2. Keep Damp Sponge or Bar Soap Dry with a Self-draining Soap Holder

When you are trying to get the stinky smells from garlic and onions off your hands, some of you may still like to use a bar soap.

This is a genius soap saver that helps bar soaps, wet brushes or damp sponges dry off in a sanitary manner, while looking really cool on your counter.

3. Simplify Kitchen Sink Organization & Dish Washing with A Dish Soap Pump Dispenser & Caddy

Maybe you have had a hard time to decide whether you need a built in soap dispenser with your kitchen sink, or just have bottle or pump always on your countertop.

Some of you worry about that the built in kitchen sink soap dispenser may get rusty after a while and stop pumping soap.

Why not try this dish soap pump dispenser and caddy?

It doesn't take up much space on sink, looks better than having a bottle of dish soap there.

And it will dispense the perfect amount of dish soap every time, also keep sponges out of the sink, high and dry with the included caddy.

4. Soak Excessive Water after Dish Washing with A Dish Drying Mat & Rack 2-in-1 Set

If you have a single bowl kitchen sink, and if you also hate the look of a traditional plastic or metal drying rack sitting on the counter, but you still have to hand-wash your glasses and silverware, as well as glass dishes, you should try this elegant dish drying mat & rack set.

It is easy to move or fold up and put away - however as it is visually so small (and looks nice) you will find that you just tend to leave it in place.

The microfiber is very absorbent that absorbs water quickly, the drying mat soaks all the excessive water and you can rinse it out and dry the mat easily.

It is kindly suggested to buy another kitchen counter mat to alternate when washing them.

The only caution is that although it easily fits all the typical items that we use in a day, families of more than 2 people may find it too small for their needs.


5. Air Dry Your Dishes and Enjoy More Counter Space Than Ever with A Roll Up Dish Drainer Rack

Are you tired of the mess of kitchen task? Are you looking for a dish drying rack that does not take up space? Do you need a multifunctional kitchen sink organizer? 

And if you have a double bowl kitchen sink, this roll up dish drainer rack provides you an awesome solution for your kitchen organization and space saving.

To avoid buying inappropriate size of this drainer rack, please firstly measure the size of your sink before purchasing. 

This product will only work for sinks widths up to 16 inches.


So now, you know how to keep your kitchen sink dry and tidy, while the most important thing you should remember is that do give your sink a good scrub every day! 

Any other great solution, please kindly comment below.

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Oct 19, 2022