How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. It’s essentially a holiday that celebrates love in the most commercial way possible.

People give each other cards, flowers, candy, or sometimes bigger presents, and go out on dates.  

If you have a crush, it is the perfect opportunity to turn that crush into something more like dating or a real relationship.

Do you know how to ask someone to be your Valentine?

What Does it Mean to Be Someone's Valentine?

What does "will you be my Valentine" mean?

The person you arrange to spend the day with, is your valentine.

Usually this person is a romantic interest, however it is not unheard of to celebrate the day with platonic friends.

Traditionally, the dates are along the ‘dinner and a movie’ variety, but it could in theory be anything.

When someone says that you are their "Valentine," they are simply choosing you as the person that they would like to show fondness to on that special day.

When people are married or dating, it is assumed that they are automatically the other person's valentine due to the romantic relationship that they hold.

In a simple word, to be their “Valentine” is to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. Their “Sweetheart” or “Crush”.

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

What exactly does “be my Valentine” mean to you? Is it a sweet sentiment for the day or does it carry with it some commitment for the future?

Does your someone understand what “be my Valentine” means in your mind and feel the same?

Like a marriage proposal, one shouldn’t really ask unless they pretty much already know there are reciprocal feelings.


If the someone is special you can ask them any time Valentine’s week. Good friends and family you can ask in a friendly and playful way on Valentine’s Day.

It’s like saying “I love you. Will you be mine”? So it depends on who this person is to you and how you say it.

Usually starting around the first of February and leading up to Valentine's Day.

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

The first Valentine's Day is always remembered and also determines the direction of life. 

Asking someone to be your Valentine is not as easy as it used be in elementary school when you could just drop a cutesy little heart in someone's backpack.

So how do you ask your crush to be your Valentine when you're a little bit older and things can be quite a bit more embarrassing especially if they say you "No".

How to ask a girl or a guy to be your Valentine that depends the relationship you have to this girl or guy.

A note, text, e-mail - these are always easier than a face-to-face encounter if you’re shy.

Step 1: Could They Like You Too?

This step is important assess whether or not your crush may actually like you back. How to figure out the signs that your crush might like you?

Generally if they're flirting with you or talking to you a lot you've probably got the green light, but how do you work up the courage to actually do it?

Step 2: Make Them A Valentine

Make them a card or write them a note and then get them their favorite candy or sweet, and then tied up in a ribbon and put their name on it.

It doesn't mean going on and buying the biggest teddy bear filled with M&Ms in the history of universe because that's slightly overkill and will probably embarrass you and your crush.

Just make it a cute sweet gesture like get a baggie and fill it with conversation parts with cute things that you think about your crush or get them in an orange crush like the drink and put a note on it that says "I'm crushing on you".

Doing something low-key is the best way to make them feel special and not pressured, since pressure can make them say "no " and we don't want that.

Step 3: Just Ask Them by Note or Social Media

Give them your little gift and ask them in person or if you're feeling too embarrassed then just make it a part of the note.

For example, you could say “Would you be…” on the front of the card, then write “…my Valentine?” on the inside. Or you could also write “Just wanted to know…” on the outside and on the inside say “Will you be my Valentine?”

If they say that they'll be your Valentine, then you're just one step closer to eventually starting to date your crush, it's a slow process and it's not perfect. 

You can also send them a message on social media. Social media makes it so much easier to actually put your feelings out on the table.

 I personally recommend sending them an image or a gif that just cuts to the chase and says, "Will you be my Valentine?"

The only caution I have about this one is that "Will you be my Valentine?" this has to be followed up with some kind of request.

You can't just put it out there and leave it hanging and be like, "Will you be my Valentine?" and you're not even really being clear about what it is you're asking for.

Like that person might interpret "Will you be my Valentine?" as "Will you be my long-term, serious relationship?" and we don't want them to be scared off or get any false ideas of what you're actually asking for.

So follow it up with something tangible like, "Hey, wanna grab ice cream on Valentine's Day?"

This can help them understand that being your Valentine is fun, and that by responding they're not committing themselves to a lifetime of a relationship, they're just accepting a Valentine's Day date.


Asking someone to be your Valentine is no easy game though. It can be stressful and might even result in a heartbreak.

Hope the above tips will help you and wish you have a wonderful time on Valentine’s day with the girl or guy you love.

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