How to Install An Automatic Control Float Valve for Water Tank to Save Water

Luckybudmall Nov 08, 2022

Automatic water level control float valve is a replacement of the traditional float ballcock, which can be applied to various systems of high water tanks, pools, water towers of the industry and civil construction, etc..

So it is an economic alternative for traditional float valves.


Wide Scope of Application

The auto water level control float valve is suitable for water tower pool, solar energy, toilet, hot water boiler, aquaculture, food machinery humidifier, water heater, animal husbandry hard water, livestock drinking fountain, swamp cooler, aquarium and swimming pool, etc.



Special Size & Material Makes Long Sevice Life Time

This kind of float valve is designed as smaller size compared with traditional float valve, easy maintenance, and long service life time.

The plastic material is not easy to rust, more suitable scenes, more water outlet than traditional float valve.

It is specially designed for controlling water level of water storage tanks to prevent overflow of the water tower when tap water is supplied.

Fully automatic control water level, with the function of automatic replenishment when water is low and automatic stop when water is full, which effectively saves water and saves money.

Automatic Control Float Valve Installation Instructions

You can install the appropriate number of water float valves according to the size of the water tank, select multiple water float valves to use at the same time in industrial and large water tank.

When installing, please ensure that the valve body is installed vertically and the water outlet is vertical.



If you need to install multiple water float valves, please make sure that their bottoms are at the same height to avoid closing the water float valve at different water levels and work inconsistently.

Please wash away the impurities in the tube before use.

The cistern float valve has a curved water outlet; When in use, it can ensure that the water outlet flows vertically downward into the water tank; When the water tank does not have a top cover, it can minimize the waste of water.

More Tips for Using This Float Valve

1) When the water quality is not clean enough and there are too many impurities, it is necessary to remove and check the valve interior every month, and then install it again after cleaning.

2) It is also necessary to check the valve action if the time of adding water becomes longer.

3) The inlet water must be clean, otherwise the valve cannot be closed.

4) The filter also needs to be cleaned once a month and made sure it is not damaged.


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