How to Open Bottle Cap without Bottle Opener: But Focus on the Cons

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

Imagine that:

Holidays are right on the corner and you are having dinner with your family or friends. You've all been there before where you thought you had a bottle opener with you but somehow it's disappeared.

Or sometimes you are in the car, in the hotel, or just want to enjoy an awesome outdoor drinking, picnic......

How frustrating is it if you are not having a bottle opener for your favorite beer or beverage?

At that time, you may think hard about how to open bottle caps without bottle opener. And you type this question in Google or Youtube, of course you can find kinds of solutions.

There's always something within arms reach that you can use to open a beer. Including but not limited to: dvds, cans, other open bottles, rafters, keys, scissors, lighters, and anything surrouned.

However, hold on! You must first know those cons for any kind of those methord they recommended and showed in the videos.

How to Open Bottle Caps without Bottle Opener (Pay Attention to the Cons)

For this normal question, the answer is just really depends what your surroundings are, you can use a fence, a brick wall, a belt clip, a shovel, scissors, boots, wedding ring (or any ring), door wedge, spoon, fork, lighter, endless items...

1. Open Bottle Caps with Your Teeth

Wouldn't recommend it but someone usually use their molars when they don't have anything handy. I always saw my father doing like this when I was a child.

The reason I don't recommend it is that if you're not careful, you can chip a tooth.

And it hurts, after a few times of using your teeth, it also cracks them a little. Your teeth may be chipped everywhere. Stop before it's too late.

2. Open Bottle Caps with House Key or Car Key

Take your house key or car key, and pop out 3 or 4 prongs in the cap twisting each time and then push up.

But be aware of that: the house keys or car keys aren't as sturdy as they look, brass can break pretty easily, especially cheap keys from the locksmith booth.

If you must try this methord, my thought on the key was that it better not be your car key or home key, otherwise you could really screw yourself over.

"I've just split my finger open using the key method, and the bottle is still closed..."

3. Open Bottle Caps with the Edge of Countertop, Table or Desk

Place the seam of the cap along a hard edge that don't be damaged and give the bottle a hard tap right on top.

But it will still likely damage your counter or table. Or it will leave scuff marks where they aren't welcome.

For me, I think I'll pass and use a bottle opener. I don't want to damage my counters. Just as someone suggest in a comment for a Youtube video:

"Though this countertop edge methord is pretty useful, but I would suggest never using a surface you (or someone else) cares about because about 9 times out of 10 it leaves a nice gouge in the material if are using anything except steel plate or something. "

"After about 5 or 6 bottles it starts to bruise your palm where you striking the cap. I have a couple times when I was sloppy in my form that I actually broke the glass top of the bottle off below the cap, so be ware of that."

4. Open Bottle Caps with Car Door Latch or Seatbelt

The car door latch is the portable bottle opener you never knew you had. It's much faster than using your keys during tailgating!

And you can also use metal part of a seatbelt in the car, which also works perfect for when you are driving and don't have any of those things (and I think the belt you wear on the pants works the same).

5. Use the Pin on a Door Hinge

Put the cap on the edge of the hinge, and put some pressure on it from the top. If you have a deadbolt that sticks out a bit with a good edge, you can use that too.

6. Open a Bottle with a Drawer Handle

Place the bottle under the lip of a handle and simply pull down in a fast motion. If you are in the hotel and no bottle opener for your beer. That drawer handle maybe a perfect hack.

But, if you are using the drawer handle at your home, not suggested. Well, you may not love how you damages so much stuff like a wooden drawer just to open a damn beer!

7. Open Beer with Another Bottle

Flip another bottle upside down and connect the caps at the seam, leverage the upside bottle over your hand and open it.

But somebody also suggested that never flip other bottle upside down to open another because you can open both bottles at once, instead use side of the cap.

Okay so you use one bottle to open one bottle. Now how do you open the other one?

8. Open Beer with a Dollar Bill or Paper

Take some currency and fold it over several times until its hard to bend. Then grab your bottle and place the bill under the lip of the cap. Using your knuckle as leverage pop that sucker off and make it rain.

Better Solutions: Bottle Opener Keychains or EDC Tools On Your Keyrings

No matter what kind of the solution above you have tried, if in a improper way, you can see yourself either shredding your hands, smashing the top of the bottle or spilling beer everywhere using all of those methods !

If you’re in a hotel room, look around on the walls, near the mini fridge, or near the door: there should be a weird little metal outcropping screwed into the wall.

That’s your in-room bottle opener, in case you’re there celebrating with a bottle of champagne.

However, what's a better way than just take some on-the-go bottle opener keychains or EDC tools whenever and wherever?

Bottle Opener Keychains

On a serious note... just buy a key chain opener, and off you go.. unless you leave your keys at home, all of these are likely to either, leave scuff/ bend/ etc the item you are using or not work for you, cause you are "doing it wrong, not strong enough, etc".

So combine a keychain with a bottle opener together makes a popular handy tool that anyone will enjoy owning.


EDC Tool with Bottle Opener Function

All the cons of the methord above tell us that: this is why you should always have a bottle opener in your key chain.

You can consider to keep a mini bottle opener or a EDC multi tool with bottle opener function on your keyring.

6-in-1 Multi Opener

Prepare a portable 6-in-1 multi opener, not just for the kitchen or home bar! Bring it on camping trips, road trips or picnics! or keep one in your car! or office pantry!

This all in one kitchen tool can open bottles, jars, cans and seals easily! Even with weak hands due to arthritis/ stroke/ injury or just from really tight packaging, this will get the job done!


No more hurting your fingers or breaking a fingernail just to open a can of soda or a medicine bottle! easy grip and ergonomic!

No need to rely on others or ask for assistance just to open a jar or bottle. You can do it yourself!

Save space! no need to bring 6 different tools with 6 different functions. This multi opener does it all!