Bridal Shower 101-- Tips & Etiquette You Need to Know

Luckybudmall Oct 13, 2022

What is a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower is a party and/ or gathering that the bride-to-be's friends and family throw for her so that she is showered with love.

Now the only rule when it comes to having a bridal shower is that she should be a bride, if she is not a bride, having a bridal shower that's just weird.

How to Plan a Perfect Bridal Shower -- Tips & Etiquette

Bridal showers are typically planned and hosted by the maid of honor, however it's also common for bridesmaids, family members, or even the mother of the groom to get involved.

Planning a bridal shower involves several steps, so it's essential to start the planning early in order to work out all the details.

Here are the important details that you should take note of when planning for a bridal shower.

#1 Determine Your Initial Bridal Shower Budget

One of the first things you have to figure out is kind of how much you have to spend total.

Choose an amount that is within your budget frame and one that doesn't break the bank. Stick to your budget and keep every detail within your means.

#2 Who Hosts the Bridal Shower?

Generally the bride's aunt or the groom's aunt throw the bridal showers, but it is not like it used to be now, technically anyone can throw the shower for the bride except the bride herself and the groom.

Don't make the bride plan her own bridal shower that's just not fair. She's already doing the wedding and a whole bunch of other stuff, so let's relieve some stress from her plate, and someone else plan it for her.

The groom shouldn't plan it for the bride because that's just not going to turn out well.

It's most commonly that the maid of honor is assigned this duty of planning the shower with the help of the bridesmaids.

It's also common for the bride's mom, aunt or a close family member that might want to do it.

However, the first tip here is that as a host, you should talk to the bride, this is very important, and this should take place first and foremost.

So if you are the person who do intend on hosting a shower for a bride, the very first thing that you would want to do is to talk to her and find out some things to help with the planning process.

For example find out if the bride has anything specific that she wants at her shower, or if there's anything she absolutely does not want.

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#3 When Do You Have the Bridal Shower?

It is highly recommended that you start planning a bridal shower as soon as possible.

You may start planning at least 4-6 months before the wedding day. Bridal showers are usually thrown around 2 months before the wedding.

Choose a date that works for everyone's schedule, particularly the bride-to-be. Coordinate and schedule a meeting to talk about the date options.

Make sure all those important people are available on the day you choose.

#4 Where to Throw A Bridal Shower?

When choosing a location, it's important that the place is accessible, has enough parking space, and can accommodate your guests.

You could have it at a banquet hall, at a country club, or maybe even in your own backyard.

While some bridal showers are held at the hostess's house, you can also choose other locations such as a local restaurant.

#5 Bridal Shower Invitations

Invitation should go out at least one month prior, and if you have people coming from out of town or have really busy schedules, you might want to just text or call them and let them know even before the invitations go out.

Put Together A Bridal Shower Guest List

First you should set the number of guests to invite in the bridal shower. The  number could be anywhere between 30-50.

You can also include the home addresses of each guest in your list.

Remember that whoever you invite to the bridal shower, or any other pre-wedding event is also guaranteed to have an invite to the big day.

If you're having an intimate wedding then you might want to invite all of the women invited, but if you're having a large wedding, not recommend inviting every single female that is coming to the wedding, that could just be too much.

Have the final guest list approved by the bride-to-be.

Send out the Bridal Shower Invitations

Give your guests ample time to know, plan and respond to your invitation.

The best time to select and send out the invitations is around 6-8 weeks prior to the bridal shower event.

When it comes to the type of invitation, you could do the traditional paper ones and send out invitations to everyone likes to get mail.

But if you're on a budget, don't feel bad about doing Evites (electronic invitation), which are really beautiful now.

When you send them out, make sure put whoever is hostess's phone number on there so they call the host and ask any questions and RSVP.

Do not put the bride's phone number on the invitation.

#6 Bridal Shower Decor

When it comes to the decor of the bridal shower, it is definitely recommended Pinterest. Pinterest can be your best friend with all of those little details.

Pick a Theme

When it comes to actually choosing the theme, it doesn't have to be a surprise. You could ask the bride if she has some type of theme in mind.

Remember to choose a theme that matches the bride-to-be and her personality. Some of the popular themes include a brunch shower and a flower-arranging party.

Prepare and Purchase the Decoration

Find decor items that you think will be appreciated by the bride-to-be.

Make your decorations personalized and gather decorating ideas that can make the event an ultimate shower party for the bride.

Create a Gift Station

Guests are expected to bring gifts for the bride at the bridal shower.

Create a gift station such as a table and place it in an area where guests can see it as soon as they arrive so they can place their gifts.

#7 Bridal Shower Activities

Bridal shower usually consists of some type of eating, games, and opening presents.

Set up The Menu

When it comes to food, you can first create a menu that pairs well with the theme of the bridal shower party.

Choose foods that are easy to serve and of course, will be liked by the bride.

For example, a brunch bridal shower may have a mimosa bar and breakfast foods such as waffles and eggs.

Line up Fun & Entertainment Games

Choose games that are silly but highly entertaining for the guests and bride-to-be.

Games are a great way to make everyone feel comfortable especially if there are guests who have never met before the party.

You may start playing once everyone has settled such as after everyone is done eating.

Do the Bridal Shower Toast

This is your chance to thank your guests for coming to the party. It is also the perfect opportunity to officially congratulate and give your wishes to the bride-to-be.

Make it short, sweet and meaningful for everyone to remember.

Opening Presents

Opening the gifts is usually done during the party so everyone can see all your cute stuff and you do a bunch of oohs and ahhs.

But if you have a hundred people coming to your bridal shower, you might not want to open a hundred gifts, your guests are going to be over it by gift 35.

#8 Bridal Shower Gifts

Let's move to the bridal shower gifts. What do you give someone on their bridal shower?

Bridal Shower Registry

You could register for your bridal shower and put exactly what you want, which make it easy for your guest.

But some brides personally may not register for their bridal shower because they may think these are just more like a personal thing, depending on how far out the bridal shower is from the wedding.

The bride might now have everything that she needs for the wedding. However, some people like to get the gifts that are already on their registry.

Bridal Shower Favors

It’s also a great idea to give out some well-thought-of favor to your guests to say thanks.

There are many options to choose from which can range from something edible to something wearable and useful.

Your guests will surely appreciate the fact that they can also take home some gifts from the party.

#9 Surprise Tradition for Bridal Shower

The last little tip for your bridal shower is actually for the groom-to-be, that is a surprise tradition.

I heard that traditionally the groom is supposed to surprise the bride at the end of the bridal shower with flowers.

So now I can let all of you know to somehow let the groom know that he could have a nice gesture of showing up with some flowers.

I would recommend him coming at the end of the shower, because you can bring your spirits back up with some flowers and he could help take all your gifts to the car.


Above are the tips I have shared with you about bridal showers. I hope I covered everything.

If you find these tips helpful, please share them with someone that you know will be hosting a type of bridal shower.