How to Wear a Brooch

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

Collecting brooches and pins is so much fun but wearing them is almost a lost art. 

Before we get the answer for "How to wear a brooch?", we may would like to know some history about brooches.

The concept of brooches has been around for ages.

Brooches didn't start out as being beautiful decorative items for our clothing, they were functional, and they held pieces of cloth together to cover our bodies.

Most of them were made of bone or flint or even twig.

In the bronze age, they were using metal, and it really wasn't until probably about the 14th century, that they started to add gemstones and to wear them as a sign of wealth and a status in society.

They've evolved into more decorative pieces that really enhance your garment and can show off your personality.

So broaches are beautiful piece of jewellery, that's why I believe most of you would like to know how to wear a brooch, and you may also have common questions as below:

  • "How do I actually wear a brooch?"

  • "Which side do I wear it on?"

  • "Do I need to match it up with my lapel or do I just wear it on the garment?"

  • "How to wear a brooch on a sweater/ shirt/ dress?"

  • "How to wear a brooch with a scarf?"

  • "How to wear brooch as necklace?"

  • "How to wear a brooch without damaging clothes?"

Now let's check the answer for some of the questions one by one.

Question 1: Which side do I wear it on?

The traditional formal way to wear a brooch is on the left side, and historians believe that this actually comes from the functional aspect of wearing it to hold your garments together.

As we know that most people are right-handed, so it's a lot easier to gather everything and clasp it up onto the left side.

That's just kind of where that tradition comes in, there is really no rules.

Question 2: How to wear a brooch with a scarf?

Here we would like to attach a video here for your to check, which is from a Youtuber Heidi Daus

In this video, she provides the ultimate guide on how to style your brooches and pins with any scarf style.

Get tips on how to tie scarves and how to style your beautiful statement pins for any season and occasion. You can learn and enjoy:

Question 3: How to wear brooch as necklace?


Have you ever looked at a brooch in your jewelry collection and wished you could wear it as a necklace pendant?

Here we attached a video from a Youtuber Veronica Staudt, she will show us how easy it is to turn your favorite brooch into a pendant with the help of brooch converters and a simple wire collar necklace.

Let's learn and enjoy:


And also another Youtuber Keepsake Crafts by Sandy Huntress, she will also teach us how to quickly convert your pin to a necklace pendant with brooch converters.


Question 4: How to wear a brooch without damaging clothes?

Beautiful brooches are really nice to wear on jackets, dresses, and blouses. But some brooches are very heavy, that heaviness puts bigger holes in your fabric.

So you may want to find a solution to protect your clothes while still wear your favourite brooches.

Below we attached a Youtube video from SewVeryEasy, she teaches us a simple way to protect our clothing with things we probably have at home already! What thoses things?

Just a little pieces of fabric and the backs to the earrings!

These 2 little items are going to be a key player in keeping those brooches nice on your clothing and protect your clothing from the back of the brooches.

Let's learn and enjoy!


Hope you will learn the above ways to wear your favourite brooch pins as an art.