Gift Wrapping Tutorials -- How to Wrap A Present for Every Shape Step-by-Step

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022


The gift is bought, the card is written and do you think you are finally done? Often the packaging of the gift is almost forgotten, but there are endless ideas to complete the surprise.

From simple instructions for different packaging, to homemade wrapping paper, to an original bow - we have put together our favorite ideas for you here.

Everyone is happy about a well chosen gift and many guests spend a lot of time trying to find the right surprise. After finding gifts, the work is not done yet, because you have to pack the gifts.

Do you use wrapping paper or foil? Or would you prefer a gift bag? Which pattern and which color suits the occasion? Which bow fits the packaging? How do you wrap a gift that is not rectangular or square?

Despite the myriad of possibilities, it is often not possible to find the right gift packaging. Sometimes the wrapping paper doesn't fit or the gift is too small to wrap in the paper.

If you want to be particularly creative, you can also make gift packaging yourself. For example, you can create a beautiful gift bag for the wine bottle or make kids' birthday present become a sweet panda.

In addition, you can also make a nice packaging for money gifts if you find an envelope too boring. It is very easy to use everyday objects such as an empty toilet paper roll or a paper cup.

Anyone who prefers a classic package can still let their creativity run free. How about a package that looks like a shirt? Or a great cardboard bow instead of gift ribbon?

No matter what you choose in the end, it is clear that a self-made gift packaging is always a great surprise for the recipient.

Simple Gift Wrapping Instructions for Every Shape

Wrapping a gift is easy ... once you can! Because it is not that easy at first. Especially if the gift is not square, you need several attempts to wrap it up properly.

So that you know the right tricks right from the start, we have make instructions videos on Youtube channel with which you can pack gifts in any shape.

Square and Rectangle Gifts Packing

You need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Adhesive strips

Cut out a suitable piece of wrapping paper: It should cover the gift once and overlap by about 2-3 cm. It should protrude on the two short sides. Pack a square or rectangle gift step by step - we will show you how it's easy in the below video!


Round Gifts Packing (e.g. cans)

You need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Adhesive strips

Cut out a suitable piece of wrapping paper: It should circle the gift once and overlap by about 2-3 cm. It should protrude on the two short sides. A round gift can be packaged easily and in just a few steps refer to below video!

Wine Bottles Gift Packing

You need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift ribbon
  • Adhesive strips

Cut out a suitable piece of wrapping paper. It should protrude from the bottom and neck of the bottle and be long enough to overlap 2-3 cm when wrapping the bottle. So you can simply pack a bottle nicely according to below video!

Gift Bows Making Instructions for Every Occasion

Most wrapped gifts look very bare without bows, but are often left out. This accessory is easy to make and enhances the gift. With different variants, it also fits any wrapping paper.

We have collected our most beautiful favorite ideas with instructions so that you can easily imitate them. Here is the step by step tutorials in below video.

DIY Creative & Original Gift Packing Ideas

Overpriced wrapping paper and boring packaging can be found in many stores. It's time for a change: simply make your own gift packaging yourself. You can find original ideas here.

You can design them as you wish and let your creativity run free. Checking the video below of an elegant packaging for square gifts with a shirt look:

DIY Oddly Shaped Gift Packing for Every Present

Some gifts simply cannot be wrapped with wrapping paper: they are either too big, too small, not rectangular or square. Or you want to wrap them up specially.

Here we have selected several simple instructions so that you can easily make the right packaging yourself just with some daily use items (toilet paper rolls and paper cups), refer to below video.

Funny Gift Packaging Ideas Especially for Children

The sparkling eyes, the sweet laugh: watching children unpack is almost nicer than opening a gift yourself. To make this moment particularly exciting, you can make creative gift packaging.

How about a cute panda, for example? Or would you prefer the dangerous monster? Or a cute fox packaging which will make children's hearts beat faster? The choice is yours! Refer to below video for more creative gift packing ideas for your kids:


Thanks to your rather unhappy hand, everyone under the Christmas tree immediately recognizes which gift is yours? This is finally over, because we have showed you how to wrap a gift nicely.

Are you a boxing professional? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas. With above step-by-step instructions, hope you will quickly become a packing professional.