Can You Image the Changes When Kids Went 1 Year with No Screen Time?

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022


Recently, I am just browsing some YouTube videos and try to find some tips, about how to get my kid off the screen.

Then I came across a Vlog from a mom who is parenting several kids, and she together with her husband made a plan, making their life with no phones, no computers, no screen time until 1 year later.

Do you know what's the problems they have met with their kids before? And can you image what changes have made when their kids went 1 year with no screen time?

Before the plan, their kids are struggling with focusing for school, getting work done, and attitudes being poor.

So they tried to reach out to a friend and asked for advice on "What do we do?", "How do we change this?" , "What's going on?", "Where is the issue?"

And then they got some advice, they thought the advice was good, but it was going to be hard at that time. They also asked the friend that, "How often do the kids get screen time?"

The friend said like, "That's probable a big part of the problem." And he also made detail explanation about this issue.

He was explaining to the parents that, for kids, you're brains literally don't even make the pathways, like the brains don't actually form if you have screen time as a kid, that the connections that help you solve problems, like, "I'm bored, what do I do right now?" Or that make you tired and make your brain lazy.

We want kids' brains to be active, we want them to be fit, we want them to be healthy, we want them to see problems and automatically want to solve them.

He said that they need to have no screen time for at least a few months, but probably about a year, in order for your brain to start learning how to have fun and be able to do things and figure things out without being fussy and tired.

So they made this plan, to living without any screen in the house with their kids, for totally 1 year. Of course it was a hard time for a family to do that, but it is going to be worth it.

Can you image that? After six weeks into no screen time for the kids, one of their kids can cook dinner for the whole family with some help from the parents.

One of their daughter can spend her afternoon just enjoy some old family pictures. Some kids are playing bakery.

Was the plan easy to do? The parents said that, "the first 2 weeks without screen time was rough. The first week was not as rough as the second week."

Since the little kids didn't understand what no screen time meant, they were just constantly asking and saying, "I am bored, I am bored..." They were not knowing what to do with themselves.

Then at the 2nd weed, there was just more fighting between their children, that they had ever seen before.

Then for the parents, there has also been a change as well. Because they can't just do anything like before.

For example, "I'm stressed, you all get out and watch TV, and just leave me alone." Where you would just put the kids in front of the TV and they would like to be fine for all day long before.

But after they doing the plan, the parents have to pull the kids in and have them to do more things together, such as doing the clean up, or make meals or do some dish washing...

They get to spend time together in the kitchen, and they spend more time playing games together.

"After so many months of no screen time, there's really not a lot of updates on how things are going, it's just kind of our normal now. T

here's just no screen time. The kids don't ask for it, it's not an expectation, nobody is really missing it, everybody is playing all the time, and going outdoors so much."

"It's also been fun to just get compliments, people noticing how well our kids can sit and be quiet and they're not rambunctious, they know how to control themselves, they are able to regulate themselves and be able to sit and be polite."

"They are able to go outside and run energy out. And I think they're able to also notice and be more aware of themselves, of how they're going emotionally, when they have extreme emotions, that they need to go and get outside and feel the sun and fresh air, or go on a walk or just go run and play. "

"It's just been cool to be able to see just this healthy transition of what a lack of screen time is doing to benefit our children."

After this 1 year no screen time plan, the family have a new plan, that is doing screen time together.

In fact, it's okay to do screen time, but there is a difference between the relational part of doing it together VS just sending the kids off with their own screens.