11 Must Have Kitchen Tools & Gadgets - Practical Gifts for Home Cooks

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

Through all of life’s ups and downs, one thing remains constant: People need to eat, so we need to prepare or cook food every day. 

Even for those who don't necessarily enjoy cooking, it's still nicer to spend time in stylish kitchens.

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Year 2020 are both far-reaching and personal.

As stay-at-home orders are extended nationwide, cooking at home has become a more central part of our daily life.

What’s more, home cooking can improve your health. It’s no surprise that eating food you prepare at home is almost always better for you than eating out or grabbing “ready-to-eat” products off the supermarket shelf.

Cooking for the entire family is a big task, and it can feel like chaos in the kitchen.

That’s why here we’ve compiled a list of helpful and unique kitchen gadgets and tools that will simplify your mealtime.

Want to Make Cooking Easier? Make Sure You Pick the Right Kitchen Tools 

While any cook will be just fine with a set of knives and mixing bowls, sometimes we want a little help from kitchen gadgets. 

If you’ve been struggling with meal prep and find that it takes too long to get dinner on the table, you may be using the wrong tools for the job. 

Here are some effective items that could make your kitchen and cooking much more enjoyable and efficient.


#1) Onion Holder for Slicing: Best Way to Hold Onions While Slicing

This onion slicer assistant is a handy tool for holding an onion and making even slices all the way to the edge. 

That is to say -- not only does it protect you from cutting yourselves, you can also use it to make much more accurate slices.

It also works well with other vegetables and fruits. It can easily holds & slices uniform sections of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, hard-boiled eggs and other hard vegetables.

#2) Oil Sprayer Dispenser for Healthy Cooking & BBQ

Olive oil is a staple in most modern kitchens, being used for everything from sauteing to baking and, of course, drizzling over salads.

Getting just the right amount of oil for your needs is an art that takes some skill to master.

While using an olive oil sprayer dispenser will make cooking with olive oil easier and more efficient.

Spreading out a small amount of oil onto your cooking surface or food is much easier when applied in spray or mist form, rather than pouring directly from the bottle. 

#3) Silicone Clip-on Food Strainer for Pasta/ Grease/ Vegetable

"This wonderful kitchen gadget has replaced my need for strainers and minimized food spillage when in a rush. Better yet, you can attached the pot strainer to your pot while cooking, so it's ready to use as soon as you need it and it doesn't block you for stirring or adding additional ingredients." -- Review from one customer.

Great gift for cooks and even non cooks in your life. (Since even non cooks boil noodles, right?)  

#4) Stainless Steel Bench Scraper Multi-Purpose Dough Pastry Cutting Tool

Cut dough, shape dough rounds, scrape rolled out dough gently round the perimeter to release it without tearing... the list is endless.

Use as a helper when shaping nice tight dough rounds form proofing. This multi-purpose bench scraper is a necessary kitchen utensil, and great gift for baking lovers. 

#5) Heat Resistant Utensil Holder for Countertop

This brilliant spoon rest can hold many utensils in a small space. With this little silicone gadget, you can use multiple cooking utensils at the same time.

Much better than using plates, paper plates, or the stove surface. Pulpit lines up multiple utensils so you don't grab the pasta sauce spoon to stir the pasta.

This heat-resistant kitchen utensils holder can be placed near the stove, counter top or placed in any area that prep work or cooking is done.

The spoon rest is made from non-slip silicone that keeps it in place and is wide and deep enough to keep most spring tongs in place.

An essential cooking tool and great gift idea for any home chef.

#6) Fast Defrosting Tray-- The Key of How to Thaw Meat Faster and Safer 

As we all know that waiting for frozen food to thaw takes hours! 

What if you always forgetting to get the meat out of the freezer while you are already on halfway through your day at work? So you finally ended up with a lot of freezer burned meat.

You may thaw your meat using your microwave oven, well, it's fine for you before.

But if you try this fast defrosting tray, you will compare the evenness of the thawed meat. 

This magic meat thawing tray will save your time of preparing meal, there is no electricity or microwave involved when thawing out your food. 

Also the top tray has ridges to allow water to flow into the bottom tray so that water does not get all over the counter, and it is easy to clean and reuse again.

The rapid defrosting board will be your life saver for those times you forgot to pull dinner out of the freezer, and will make your cooking faster.

If you’ve never used such a meat defroster before just know it doesn’t work instantly on frozen proteins, but cuts the time down in about half as long as you flip whatever you’re thawing halfway through, which means that is considerably shortened the defrosting time for meat.


#7) Magic Vegetable Peelers Set -- 3 Peelers for Different Cutting

Vegetable peelers are so necessary and ubiquitous, they make light work of fruit and vegetable preparation every day, you might not even notice yours anymore.

Peelers are inexpensive, easy to store, time-saving and safe to use. Using a cumbersome knife instead is more likely to waste fruit or veg as it’s nigh on impossible to get such thin peelings. 

Anyone who’s ever tried to peel a potato with a paring knife will know that a specially designed peeler can save precious time and avoid wastage.

Now it is time for your to replace a efficient peeler -- this magic set of 3 vegetable peelers would be a great choice.

It comes with 3 peelers with different blades - definitely suitable for a wide variety of vegetables! 

  • Standard Peeler - useful for peeling hard skin veggies and fruit;
  • Professional Peeler - better for peeling waxy and slippery fruit;
  • Julienne Peeler - help creates julienne strips of food for salads or garnishes.

Now you can peel anything and everything with this peelers set and you don't need to use the processor to do the slicing any more, proudly walk out your kitchen just feeling like a Potato Prince.

#8) Mini Food Chopper-- Make Meal Prep a Breeze Even In the Tiniest Kitchens

There's no denying that manually chopping on a table is one of the most cumbersome and messiest tasks in the kitchen, while a must have mini food processor will help you stick to your health eating goal.

Not only can mini choppers help you massively cut down on prep time, but the main appeal of mini options is that they take up hardly any countertop or cupboard space and are travel-friendly. 

This mini food chopper is made to be completely portable and compact, one of the smallest in the market overall, and that makes it easy to use and way easier to clean in general.

Once you want to chop something all you need to do is to pull the string on the model, just wind it up like that and the blades will do the work.

Sometimes going mini is going smart, and this mini chopper is one of those cases. 

Save time, space and even soap by keeping all your grinding needs to this simple kitchen helper. And in no time at all it'll become one of your most loyal kitchen assistants.

#9) Garlic Press & Peeler Set -- Say Goodbye to Your Garlic Odor Hands

Garlic is so absolutely delicious - at least to some of you. If you put garlic on almost every dish when you cook you will find that dealing with garlic at home isn’t always simple... unless you have the right tools. 

Ever tried to peel a clove of garlic? It can be a frustrating exercise.

Now it is time to make cooking with garlic a little easier -- try this user-favorite garlic press and peeler set, which will make cooking with garlic a breeze.

  • First you can start with the silicone peeler tube that takes off the outer shell.
  • Then you can use the garlic crusher, which can mince several pieces of garlic at same time without getting your figures smelly. 
  • At last, just using the tiny scraper to get the garlic off the press.

These handy kitchen gadgets are supposed to make peeling and mincing garlic as easy as pie - and make you look like a chef extraordinaire in your own kitchen.

#10) 6-in-1 Multi Opener-- The Ultimate Kitchen Essential

Opening jars or cans or bottles can be a source of frustration for anyone, but as you get older and the hands become a bit weaker it can become more of an issue. 

So you need to get stuck into a helper that is available to make this task simple once again.

This manual 6-in-1 can opener tool opens 6 different types of seals and lids including bags, safety seals, pull-tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, and jar lids.

Enjoy your favorite drinks & snacks without the hassle of tight jars, caps & seals!

If you also take this as a practical gift for your grandmother, you no longer have to make that long haul trip to grandma's house just to open that bottle of jam for her, which will make her kitchen life much easier.

#11) 4-in-1 Manual Juicer with Egg Yolk Separator & Grater Function

Manual juicers are both inexpensive and very effective when it comes to extracting juice. 

From making cocktails to soups, you can do a lot more with a juicer than you think - and you don't need a loud machine to do it. 

And because they don’t require electricity they’re perfect for any camping trip or vacation. .

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of actually connecting a juicer and having to do extra work, since sometimes you need a very quick way to get juice out of your lemons for either tea or lemonade.

Just try this little but multi function hand juicer, you are getting three functions in a single small unit.

Not only does it function as a juicer, just squeeze all the vitamins from your produce, but it also can be used as a grater and egg yolk separator.


Cooking at home saves time and money - not to mention that it’s better for your health than most packaged, prepared, and restaurant meals. 

Now you can support your healthy eating journey by stocking up on those above extremely useful kitchen tools. 

With these 6 suggested gears, you will make cooking time a breeze, since they’ll save you infinite hours and energy, and you can spend more time on the important part: eating.