What is A Brooch and The Meaning of Wearing a Brooch Pin

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

What is a Brooch?

A brooch is essentially a fancy word for a pin and usually, it's a large pin but it doesn't have to be large and it's usually worn around on the collar or up near the neck, but a brooch can be worn just about anywhere.

People have worn them at their waist, on a collar, or even to tie a scarf.

And they have a hinged pin that clasps. If it's a fur clip, it has two. It's kind of interesting, goes down and it has two pins, one has a clasp and the other doesn't.

And the advantage of having two pins is that the brooch won't wobble when you wear it. It gives it a more stable base.

You'll see a lot of brooches in antique and vintage jewelry, some of them are fine jewelry or some of them are costume. They were very, very popular in decades before.

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What's the Difference Between a Brooch and a Pin?


The first thing you need to know is that a brooch is a type of pin and historically brooches have been used to be a part of clothing they help actually close the clothing.

Brooches come in all different styles so it's really a fun little accessory.

Then a pin is simply something used to accessorize or add some style to an outfit.

It's not really closing anything, it just simply becomes a part of the outfit and the overall style, so there you have it "brooch vs. pin".

What is the Meaning of Wearing a Brooch?


For women, the brooch is more symbolic than decoration, because it is the only special case of all accessories that does not come into contact with the female body.

Even if you are as noble as a queen, you must bow your head humbly when wearing a brooch, and there is often a slight dizziness at that time, because you see yourself in your heart.

It can be said that the charm of the brooch is that it is a true portrayal of one's own heart and personality.

Many times, we may pursue and own with a herd mentality because of the popularity of rings and necklaces, but the choice of brooches will be relatively private.

At the same time, because of the individual attributes of brooches, it is difficult to have a certain style of brooches that are particularly popular.

But this does not mean that big-name jewelers don’t care about brooches. Interesting facts tell us that on the contrary, brooches are a popular choice when making High Jewellery. 

For example:

Van Cleef & Arpels Dancer Brooch:

René Boivin starfish brooch in yellow gold with rubies and amethysts:

Cindy Chao emerald leaf shaped brooch:

Anna Hu butterfly brooch:

Brooch can be said to be the most special piece of jewelry.

Compared with necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, which have attracted much attention, the brooch is the only one in the jewelry box that neither touches the neck gently and intimately, nor does it wrap around gently.

It is even a unique existence that has never touched the skin.

Just silently blooming on the chest, embellishing on the placket, inadvertently revealing your personality and expressing your pride.

Do You Know the History of Brooch Pins?

At the beginning, the brooch was actually a weapon for male warriors.

They used these pin-shaped little things to fasten their robes in order to maintain the majesty of the brave at all times.

Even in the Greco-Roman era, brooches were the jewels of knights or kings, although they would be decorated with ornate gems, but the real function is only one - fasten the cape that flies in the wind.

At that time, women could only fasten their shawls with clotheslines.

It was not until the dawn of civilization penetrated the dark Middle Ages that colorful brooches began to bloom on the breasts of Italian women.

Women at that time already had the habit of wearing hairpins, but when the princes and nobles saw the beautiful long dresses made of oriental silk, they could not help but sigh: the simple roses can no longer set off the nobility of this magical fabric, only jewelry made of precious stones and gold can match it.

Only then did women officially possess the charm of brooches, and from then on let this romance and beauty bloom in their hearts for thousands of years.

Of course, high-end jewelry is also commonly found in the show and the rich and powerful.

In the daily collocation, there are many broochs with prices that are close to the people, which can reflect the owner's gentle and lovely, or lively, or gentle and demure personality.

For example, this gentle shape, like a bouquet of soft and individual flowers:

A bit like the shape of underwater coral, delicate and interesting:

A little proud, a little cold flower:

Faded away, as in the beginning:

Gentle and dignified creative styling:

Very three-dimensional creative flowers (dual use):

Clear bow pendant, smart tassel elegant and lovely:

Extravagance but cute little lion:


Innocence and intellectual little dolphin:

Elegant and cute deer:

Some abstract but chic bunny:

A little fierce but cute owl:

The most popular insect -- bee:

In the summer with dragonflies, travel through the four seasons:

This is rare -- cicada in the summer:

Creepy but cute spider:

As for snowflakes, leaves, flowers, geometric shapes, etc., the list goes on and on...

In the autumn and winter world, the clothes are heavy and the colors are dull, and other decorations may be inconvenient to match or display.

The brooch can be said to be the most flexible decoration, it can be said that it has the effect of "turning a stone into gold".


There is a saying that "a woman without a brooch is not perfect".

The brooch that everyone remembers as "only suitable for mothers" has changed and has become the favorite of fashion girls. Reason as below:

  1. Wearing a brooch will increase the aura;
  2. Wearing a brooch will increase the highlights;
  3. Different brooches can express different moods.

Compared with necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories, brooches have not been popularized by the public, only a small number of people like to wear brooches.

In fact, a brooch is a kind of jewelry that can not only express your mind but also highlight your temperament.

Accessories are an indispensable sense of ritual, and brooches are the sublimation of this sense of ritual.