What is A Dream Catcher -- True Meaning of Dream Catcher

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

Do you know what is a dream catcher or have you wondered what the real meaning of the dream catcher is?

Many people have dream catchers hanging from their car mirror, from the windows in their homes, from their purses and they really don't know what the dream catcher stands for.

What that beautiful piece of artwork really represents and what the different pieces of it actually mean?

True Meaning of The Dream Catcher

There are 5 main parts that represnt and make up what a dream catcher is. What its meaning really represents? 

The first thing to note is that dream catchers may originate with the indigenous people, however today they are seen all over the world and might be claimed to have been originated from other parts of the world.

Different tribes and different cultures might have the different meanings of what the dream catcher represents.

#1 Circle

The first identifier of a dream catcher is that they are round. Dream catchers are usually made with a wood hoop or some sort of pliable material.

Now authentic dream catcher is made from those ancestors were made of red willow and the circle represents the circle of life, circles are the center of everything as the circle of life is deeply ingrained in all of the teachings and all of the stories.

It signifies that there is no real end or beginning life is continuely going around in a circle.

#2 Web

The second component of a dream catcher is that they have a web, this web can be made with either a net or thread.

Sometimes you may see dream catcher is made with colorful string and that's where the artist is expressing their artistic ability and their personality.

The web is used to catch the bad dreams from coming through when the person is sleeping, but the same time to allow the good dreams to come through.

#3 Stones & Gems

The third identifier or significance of the dream catcher is that they have stones or gems of some sort weave into the web.

These are to represent the spider that has created the web. The teaching behind this is that the nightmare actually get caught in the spider's web and she the spider is the web weaver.

Now you will see various dream catchers made by different artists that might have stylishly designed gems and stones on there or more natural plain looking gems and it's just the matter of preference that the desinger wants their dream catchers to have.

#4 Feathers

The fourth part of the dream catcher is that you'll notice that most dream catchers have feathers hanging from the circle.

It is said that the feathers that are hanging from the bottom of the circle can allow the good dreams to be caught in the spider's web and have a passage through the feathers to the person that is sleeping below it.

#5 Ward Off Nightmare

The fifth fun fact about dream catchers is that they are beautiful creations that come in many different styles, sizes and designs, they are primarily used to ward off nightmares.

The nightmares that are caught up in the web are then said to be burned up by the morning light.

But as we know before, the good dreams are through the web down the feathers to the undisturbed sleeping person.

So this is the core significance of the dream catcher and the meaning behind it and all of the five different components of the dream catcher.

But there are not just uses of having it hanging in your window to protect you from nightmares.

The dream catchers also are a huge symbol for the indigenous culture and are widely used with different native gifts, jewelry, accessories etc, such as dream catcher earrings.

Many people indigenous or non-indigenous like to wear dreamcatcher jewelry, accessories or whatever because they are obviously beautiful pieces of artwork.

What Does A Dream Catcher Do?

Humans have long been fascinated by dreams. Some try to remember and interpret them.

Others forget dreams as soon as they wake. In some American Indian cultures, people try to influence their dreams.

How? With dream catchers!

Dream catchers were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children from bad dreams and nightmares.

This native American tribe believes that the night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad.

When hung above the bed in a place where the morning sunlight can hit it, the dream catcher attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs.

Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below.

However, bad dreams are caught up in its protective net and destroyed burned up in the light of day.

Where to Hang Dream Catchers?

You can hang your dream catchers in a variety of different places, some places that you probably haven't even thought of.

You might be having a hard time deciding on which kind of dream catcher you should make or buy, or you're looking for help on where you should hang the dream catcher that you already have.

Here is the top 10 places to hang your dreamctachers.

#1 Bedroom Window

The first place where you can hang your dream catcher is on your bedroom window.

This is the most common place for dream catchers to be hung with the traditional dream catcher teaching.

# 2 Car Mirror

The second place where you can hang your dream catcher is on the rear view mirror of your vehicle.

This is also a very common spot to see a dream catcher.

#3 Artwork on Your Wall

The third place that you can hang your dream catcher is as artwork on a wall in your house.

Large dream cathcers make for beautiful pieces of art when you hang them on a blank wall in your house.

#4 Above the Headboard of Bed

The fourth place where you can hang your dream catcher is above the headboard of your bed.

If you're wanting to hang a dream catcher in your bedroom to catch bad dreams, but you don't want to hang it on your bedroom windown, then the headboard is a great alternative.

#5 Handbag, Purse or Backpack

The fifth place where you can hang your dream catcher is on your handbag, purse, or on your backpack.

This is the perfect place for smaller accessory-sized dream catchers that eight attach with a keychain ring, clip or a clasp.

#6 Above a Doorway

The sixth place that you can hang your dream catcher is above a doorway in your house. This could be in the front entrance of your house or an interior doorway.

Many people hang dream catchers made with sacred medicines such as cedar to heal or bring positive energy to all those who enter the room or the house that they're walking into.

#7 Jewelry

The seventh place that you can hang your dream catcher is as jewelry around your neck or on your ears.

Dream catchers are so popular because of their cultural symbolism and also because they are beautiful pieces of art, so it's no surprise that they are commonly worn on necklaces and on earrings.

If you want to bring the positive vibes with you wherever you go, then what better way to do that than to wear them by accessorizing your face.

#8 Large Window

The eight place that you can hang your dream catcher is on a large window with lots of natural sunlight coming in.

This is a great location to hang a dream catcher that has lots of sparkly or crystal beads that are woven into the web.

It is so beatiful to see crystal beads catching the light from the sun as it's coming through the window.

#9 Deck or Front Porch

The ninth place that you can hang your dream catcher is outside on your deck or on your front porch.

This is a great spot for a dream catcher of any size. Similar to a wind chime or plants that people hang outside, dream catchers look so beautiful when they're out in nature, just like other outdoor decor.

#10 Up in Your Attic

The 10th place that you can hang your dream catcher is up in your attic. If you hear some spooky noises coming from up in your attic, one way to combat those energies is with a dream catcher.

Hang the dream catcher either in the middle of the room or on the window, if the attic has one, to capture any of the lingering spiritual energies that might be up there.