Why and How Do You Celebrate Baby's First Birthday

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022


Turning one isn't just the first real birthday we can celebrate with a party, it's also the milestone that you kept your kid alive for one whole year!

Are you ready for your baby who you still nursed and cuddled and held on your lap, to grow up soon?

Why Is A First Birthday Important and Special?

When your baby turn to one year old, you may wonder: why is a baby’s first birthday so important when they will not remember it?

The first birthday is the new time when a little one is shifting from months to years in counting.

So it becomes a special day to celebrate. The first birthday celebration isn’t really for the baby.

It is also a milestone in the life of the two people – and the family that surrounds those people – that helped the baby grow happy and healthy.

When a baby is born, so is a mother or father, grandparents, aunts, uncles...

It's a whole new exciting and frightening experience for you both.

When you both reach the 1 year mark alive and good enough, it's a cause to celebrate.

In fact, babies don't have any concept about Birthday or Party. Most of all, It's for moms to celebrate.

If you are a mom, you will know how important to celebrate this special day.

You birthed a human, with muscles and organs torn apart, and lived through it. You nursed a baby for a full year stuck to a couch.

Additionally, you made it through sleepless nights. Sure you have the best co-parent ever, but the first year is just so much about moms.

The first party is not only about baby and mom, but really about all of us. We will be entertained by the baby every facial expression and sound.

Nothing could be more innocent and honest than the reaction of a one year old.

In future years they will know more what to expect, but this first one is a complete naive amazement that we all get to experience with them.

It only happens once in a child’s life. The great first birthday.

It's true that they may not remember when you are celebrating it, but, will cherish the feeling of being loved and wanted years later, when you show them the pictures and videos.

How Do You Celebrate Baby's First Birthday?

As a little one approaches 1 year of age, the parents may become busy planning a grand party, making an invitation list, shopping list, menu and venue and the works.

But is it all really necessary?

If you have already been invited to such a grand baby's first birthday party, you may have the sad feeling to see the birthday baby crying and getting irritated because of the crowd, strangers and loud music in the big party.

All the while, however, only the adults or big children have fun.

Keep The Party Simple

As we said before, in fact, a baby does not understand the concept of birthdays and parties at this age.

So how do you celebrate the little one's first birthday that the baby will enjoy it as he/she will be surrounded by family and people he/she knows?

So we can also give our entire attention to the baby.

Parties aren’t essential for 1-year-old Babies and sometimes they can be stressful!

So just keep the celebrations simple and don’t go overboard with fancy food or fussy decorations.

The less you stress, the happier your baby will be and the more time you’ll have to party together!

Except the birthday party, do you know any other activities to celebrate the baby's first birthday meaningfully?

Baby 1st Birthday Traditions

First birthday are so special and many culture have different first birthday traditions.

For example, an American first birthday tradition is a smash cake, the baby is given a whole cake just for herself/ himself to eat, but sometimes they have help from siblings.

For some families this is the first time their baby has tasted sugar.

In Chinese culture, the baby's first birthday is a huge celebration, but it is unlike any western birthday party you had ever been to, and 抓周 (zhuā zhōu ) is a traditional activity that cannot be missed.

The baby is placed in front of a line of objects and the baby is left to freely grab whichever item he or she wants. The chosen item supposedly predicts the child's future career.

A number of traditional items include pen and paper for a career as a writer or journalist, money and abacus for a career in business, paint brushes for an artist, and any small instrument such as a flute for a budding musician.

In recent years, more modern items such as a computer mouse, or cameras might be added to symbolize modern careers such as software engineers or photographers.

Plant Something (Tree)

Whether you have the outdoor space for a tree or shrub or something smaller like some flowers, let your little one dig into the dirt with you to plant something that will be a great photo option for years to come, take a photo of them together each year to compare how much they’ve grown, which will make a living memory with the baby.

Write A Letter to Your Baby (Better Every Year)

You have so much you want to say to your baby, but they’re too young yet to understand the fullness of your love. Put it all into a letter which they can open when they’re older.

To make it extra special, pop a photo into the envelope that your baby will never have seen before. Better to start a new tradition and write a letter every year.

While they won’t be able to read or appreciate it just yet, having a handwritten note from their parents detailing favorite memories from their first year (or every year) and hopes for the future will be a treasured keepsake down the line.

Baby Sculpture

Some companies offer such service that essentially creates art from your baby’s hands or feet.

They can cast little shoes in bronze, or silver, gold or copper-plate the original shoe, making a beautiful piece for a nursery or living room.

They can also make a cast of little hands and feet to mark a special date.

This can then be used to make a range of pieces from miniaturised jewellery in silver or gold to wall hangings and sculpture. Their beautiful pieces will last a lifetime.

Facetime Story Time

If you live far from relatives or can’t gather for one reason or another, there are ways to connect remotely that will still allow you and your birthday kiddo to feel loved.

For example, you could have a grandparent or loved one read a favorite birthday book over Facetime as a special treat for the big day.

Arrange a 1 Year Old Birthday Photo Session

Most of the parents may prefer to book a 1 year birthday cake smash session with a photographer. It is such a simple and easy way to celebrate the first year!

There are specialist baby photographers who know just how to make your kid comfortable.

All you often have to do is show up at the photographer’s studio and let them take the lead on setting things up and getting some fun, memorable shots!

Just make sure that the photographer does not use any direct flash. The light could be sensitive to your baby’s eyes.

What Can You Buy A Baby for Their First Birthday?

If you are planning to attend a baby’s first birthday party, you may have to choose some unique items as their 1st Birthday Gifts.

I don't think every baby needs to have gifts for their birthday especially for a first birthday.

Because kids don't even know how to open presents at that age and they don't what's going on at all.

However, babies will enjoy the process of the paper ripping, it is fun and nice to be able to commemorate the very special occasion of their first birthday by giving them some gifts, and getting them some things that they would like as well as things that they would need.

But what to gift babies for their special 1st birthday? Here are some choices for your reference, hope this helps:

  • Ride-on

  • Rockers

  • Swing/ Booster chairs

  • Play mat or puzzle mat

  • Activity balls pool

  • Baby sofa chair

  • Customized clothes

  • Play house/ tent

  • First year photo frame

  • Customized gift hampers

  • Board books

  • Light projector

  • Baby proofing/ Safety Set

  • Activity walker

  • Tricycle

  • Unique toys

  • Bedding set

  • Blankets

  • Potty trainer seat

  • Personalized dolls

  • Bath set hamper

  • Feeding set hamper

  • Safety car seat

  • Customized jewelry

  • Travel trolley

  • Baby foot/ hand prints