Toddler bath time can be so hit or miss. It can be blissful and the stuff bedtime routine dreams are made of. Or it can be a total disaster of epic proportions. How can you get your toddler excited about taking a bath?

Try making bath time irresistible. Warm water, some bubbles and a few bath toys will create a whole new sensory world for your little one to play in.

And what you can do is pull in a stool and grab a beer and a book, which makes it almost as relaxing as getting to take a bath of your own.

Ready for some fun in the bathtub? Shop our favorite bath toys for babies, toddlers and big kids. With a few of these fun bath toys, your child won’t want to leave the tub until their fingertips are as wrinkled as raisins.

Before you start browsing, there are two things to remember. First, no matter which bath toys you buy, you’ll have to clean them periodically.

The wet, warm environment they live in means they’re susceptible to things like mold and bacteria.

Second, bath toys aren’t an excuse to leave your child unattended—ever. Just because they distract kids doesn’t mean they keep them safe.