Vintage Wind Up Musical Jewelry Box

Style:  Sewing Machine Music Box

The Old Days Have Gone and Never Return Again, Just Left With These Vintage Music Boxes & Sweet Memories.

Before the iPod, Walkman, turntable, or phonograph, there was the music box which was actually an important first step on the road to the miniaturization of sound. The music box brought melodies into the home and, were also hidden within table-top snuff containers inlaid with gold, pearls, and ivory. Perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for sewing lovers and kids.

These antique and vintage wind up music boxes will remind you of your grandma & your mom sewing your clothes when you were a child, and also bring back your sweet memories of those old manual typewriter, movie projector and gas pump fuel dispenser...

Sewing Machine Music Box

Bring this adorable sewing machine shaped music box as a heartfelt present for your mom or grandma who had a real sewing machine just like this, which will remind you the lovely memories when she was a seamstress and was sewing your clothes when you were a child.

Sometimes it is hard to find a nice gift for Mother's Day. Sometimes it is hard to find a gift for a seamstress. Here you can get both with this music box. 

Features and Specification:

  • No need batteries, it’s mechanical. As music plays, treadle (teeter-totter) moves up and down and spool mouse sitting on top of it goes round and round.
  • Music can be heard opening the drawer, closing the drawer and stopping the music.
  • Suitable for collecting, decorating, and a perfect gift that reflects your passion for sewing! It also would make a lovely Christmas or birthday present for someone who spent most their life sewing on a sewing machine.
  • Size: 16 x 12 x 7.7cm; 300g

Typewriter Music Box

If you have been a secretary or administrative assistant for years, now you’ve aged yourself, and this cute typewriter shaped music box would remind you of those days working on one of such machines a long time ago. Not only bring the melodies into your home, but also your best memories.

Features & Specification:

  • No battery need, it’s mechanical. Just wind up the spring by hand, and open the mini drawer, amazing!
  • As music plays, the cylinder moves left and right just as it’s typing something. Close the drawer, the music stops.
  • It looks like a real typewriter. The little drawer is great for anything small you want to place it there.Type up your own message and put it on the card to make it a personal gift for your loved ones, especially as a retirement gift.
  • Material: plastic; Size: 14 x 14.7 x 10.9cm; 300g

Movie Projector Music Box

The movie projector shaped music box is designed together with a jewelry box and mirror, which will remind you of those happy night times enjoyed classic movies and TV shows with your family together.

Features & Specification:

  • Open the switch button, along with the music, the wheels on the projector will slowly roll. This will be a cute little movie reel decor for your shelf if you have a media room. 
  • It also offers a side compartment with magnetic doors and 2 inner compartments. Open the small cabinet and have a double storage room where you can put some little jewelry or other small things.
  • You'll be happy to make room on your collectibles shelf for this Vintage-Inspired Music Box, which plays Beethoven's "For Elise."
  • Nostalgic old-fashioned projector, not only lifelike, but also beautiful music, which is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones.
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Measurements: 16 x 6.5 x 20.5cm; 250g

US Gas Pump Fuel Dispenser Music Box

This old US gas pump designed music box would bring you back to the afternoon on Sunday, your father took you to a soccer match in his car and also the gas pump fuel dispenser on the road.

  • This is a lovely and classic box in old US gas pump design, the lower part is a storage box in which you can put your earrings, rings or other jewelry.
  • Put music box in the bedroom or living room and it will be an attractive decoration. Beautiful design, it also can be a great gift for your friends or family.
  • Wind up to work, the mechanical music box does not need battery to power. The fuel nozzle is music switch, take it down to start music and put it back to stop.
  • Measurement: 5 x 8.1 x 31.5cm; 400g

Warm Reminder:

  1. Please do not try to stop the music box manually while it is playing, otherwise it may be broken.
  2. Wind up the spring gently and stop when feeling resistance, in order to protect the movement from damage.

Package Including:

  • 1pc * music box in color gift box
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