When you move heavy furniture across the floor, scratches and scuff marks can ruin the surface and also make terrible noise. How to protect your hardwood floor from funitures and every day moving chairs? 

Floor protectors are a quick and easy way to care for your floors around your home. Not only protect any surface from being damaged but also work as noise buffers when you move large furniture items across the floor, what's more, they are perfect home decoration and housewarming gift ideas.

If you have found that sticky felt pads are not working for you, then you may want to swapped to a more permanent style of floor protectors for your chairs.

Maybe you have been tired of the pads sliding off and sticking to the floor instead or your dog eating them since it's a new tasty treat that just popped up. Now it's time to try these cute, warm and knitted chair leg socks to protect your hardwood floor.

These chair booties can be stretched to match most furniture leg forms. They also make the best chair socks for square legs as it fits most of the furniture with circular, square, or oval legs. And they look really nice and lovely on the furniture.