Resin Couple Alien Garden Statues


Must Have for The Alien Fans -- Alien Garden Statues Set

A favorite of Earthlings everywhere, our starship explorer alien visitor comes in peace to become your favorite foreign, otherworldly mystery from outer space. These cute couple alien garden statues are great conversation starters and a must have for those alien fans!

These alien garden sculptures are not only designed for outdoor, backyard gardens, lawn, terraces, swimming pools or home decor, but also a great gift for anyone [maybe not kids who might play with it and break it] who loves alien-themed decoration pieces, or for anyone who is interested in UFOs.

These little outer worlders are beyond belief adorable. They would be great garden guardians, so you can't wait to see your neighbors do some rubber necking, right? A question for you think kids will want to take these adorable visitors home?  

Features and specificaiton or Alien Creatures:

  1. This heavenly couple will bring a little humor to "your universe" while relaxing on the earth through their funny gestures-"peace sign" and "finger-mouth".
  2. The sturdy flat-bottom design is easy and stable to place, which is very suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  3. It is made of resin and then treated with UV protectant to extend its life.


  • Material: resin/plastic
  • Size: about 15cm hight
  • Weight: about 125g/pc
  • Package: 2pcs/set alien garden statues