Handy Garlic Press & Peeler Set

Style:  Garlic Mincer Set 3pcs

Nothing Is Better Than Using This Garlic Press Tool to Fresh for Your Marinades or Cooking

Professional chefs typically don't use a galic press, as they think they can achieve better results with a knife, but for those people who're looking to spend less time prepping their meals, and who're looking to level up their cooking skills , this is the ideal practical gift choice.

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Do you like garlic, but find peeling garlic is always tricky? If you put garlic on almost every dish when you cook, you’ll find they are not easy to prepare especially trying to peel cloves. Now let’s try this small garlic chopping tool set, which is a great tool to use for quick cooking. It is ideal when you want to crush a few cloves of garlic. It is great for every day use and say goodbye to garlic odor fingers!.

The little silicone tube garlic peeler which does a great job without getting your hands all garlicy. First you can start with the peeler that takes off the outer shell. Then you can use the garlic press, which can mince several pieces of garlic at same time without getting your figures smelly. At last, just using the tiny scraper to get the garlic off the press. Perfect practical gift for your loved ones. This is the missing ingredient that every kitchen needs.

Package Including:

  • 1pc * Silicone Tube Garlic Peeler
  • 1pc * Garlic Press
  • 1pc * Scraper

About the Magical Silicone Tube Garlic Peeler

Do you hate peeling garlic, especially if you’ve stabbed yourself under your nail so many times with the thicker peels? But this little miracle garlic peeler made it so simple and efficient! Some customers said the garlic peeler is the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO GARLIC. Just don’t use it when it's wet or it won't work at all. Make sure it's dry and use on a solid surface.

About the Sturdy and Well-designed Garlic Press Rocker Tool

The handle on the garlic press rocker makes it easy to apply pressure to press the garlic. Since the design of the bottom is curved, so you should try to crush the garlic back and forth, and make sure to rock it while pressing. You will find how fast that the garlic gets minced. 

The traditional garlic presses always left garlic squished in-between plates and such. This doesn't do that. Almost all of the garlic is pressed, and it is easy to get out. Your hands may use to always smell like garlic after using a press (because you had to try and clean it out) but not anymore with this creative press. A quick rinse usually cleans this, and if there is stubborn garlic left, a quick swipe with a brush takes care of it.

You don’t have to chop it little by little anymore. It will save your time and make your kitchen life much more easier. It's a very good kitchen helper, especially for folks with a weak grip who had trouble with a press that has to be squeezed.. Great gift idea for Christmas gift exchange.

About the Little Cute Scraper

The tiny scraper which looks like an adorable little butter spreader is perfect for scraping out all the bits so nothing is wasted and you don't risk cutting your hand. The little knife is also a cute accessory for a charcuterie board or for making a tiny PB&J.

Warm Note:

When you first use, you may find it's actually not as easy to use as shown in the video. It does require you to push down with a lot of force and roll over the garlic quite a few times. It's more of a crush and then mince action. The holes are just there to push the crushed up garlic through and not supposed to a sharp to give a cutting action. 

How to Use This Garlic Mincer Set Perfectly?

  1. Remove the garlic skin with the little silicone tube peeler.
  2. Remove the garlic head with a knife.
  3. Press down vertically and a ' back and forth rocking' motion. If the garlic is too big to operate, cut it in half, you will find nothing is impossible.
  4. Collect the minced garlic on a plate with the adorable tiny scraper.
  5. Wash the garlic with a flowing sailor (solved in 1-2 minutes), or use a dishwasher to clean.