Whether you call it a key ring, a key chain, a key cover or a key holder, they're all a must for the modern-day man or woman. Technology has come a long way, but one old school staple remains in everyone's pocket: keys.

You need keys for everything from your home or office to your car, and maybe even a beach house. They open your letterbox and you've likely got a spare one to your parents' house. 

And because keys are a necessary part of our everyday carry, a functional keyring or cool unusual keychain is a great way to make use of that space in your pocket.

Your keychain is an integral component of your EDC, and is designed to be portable, compact, lightweight, and just big enough to manage your many keys and still fit in a pocket. 

These best car keychains for guys are also excellent business and practical gift ideas for holidays. They can be smart and wonderful Christmas gifts for your coworkers, husband, boyfriend, father, families and friends.