Self Draining Soap Holder

Color:  3pcs/set (3 color)

You May Never Thought A Soap Dish Could Be Made In Such A Sense Of Art.

If your old soap holder used to soak your soap into the water, making your soap waste a lot, then you should try this new design shower soap holder. This one is what all soap holder should be like - tilted. 

You will never worry about the soap water. This creative soap dish can use gravity to drain the water. when you put the wet soap into the holder, the water just drained automatically.  And you may also love this leaf shape, which is beautiful and keeps the shelf clean, the triangle design avoids the soap sliding down.


If you use soap normally, you may realize that: by far the worst thing about using bar soap is storing bar soap. Most soap dishes and holders allow the soap to soak in its own filthy water until it dries, which it never really does because it's sitting in gross stagnant water. Instead, it turns clammy and viscous and half-melted and quickly becomes unusable. There has to be a better way.

Want something a bit more dramatic to sit in your bathroom or kitchen sink? Try this new designed soap dish. This is a genius soap saver that helps bar soaps dry off in a sanitary manner, while looking really cool on your counter.

You will love the idea of the art design. It's a self draining soap holder, works exactly how it should but with more fun which will prevent the phenomenon of partially dissolved bar soap, whether you store your bar soap in the shower, or just next to the sink, life is so much better with dry soap. It's also an ideal travel soap dish, a cute sponge holder and a perfect kitchen sink organizer. Plus it's eco-friendly material and you can even use it to hold your phone on the desk.

When you place your soap on top of this bathroom soap holder after using it, the soapy water drains down into the sink directly. That means less waste and a more pleasant cleansing experience, whether you're washing your hands or taking the soap into the shower.

This moderen decorative leaf shape soap container with its sense of art, make it a unique and practical gift idea for your loved ones. It's a great pick if you want something that looks nice, works well, and isn't breakable.  A great corner soap dish for shower and a perfect housewarming gift for your family and friends who use soap cases normally. 


  • CREATIVE SHAPE -- This soap tray adopts the leaf shape hollow design, fresh color, not only soap bar holder, but also decoration, adding cute elements to your bathroom, bringing you sweet every day.
  • STRONG STABILITY -- With suction cup at the bottom, it will not slide easily. No more slippery and melting soap keeping it steady, dry & accessible!
  • CONVENIENT AND TIDY -- Intermediate triangle can divert water while blocking soap impregnation. Water can flow directly from the diversion port into the sink, keeping the soap dry and steady in place.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS -- Thickened PP plastic, compared to ordinary plastic, has a certain degree of softness, more durable, resistant to falling, longer service life.
  • SUITABLE SIZE -- Placed in any corner of the bathroom and cabinet. A holder of multi-purpose, soap, sponge, brush, etc.


  • Material: Recyclable PP+Silicone, Durable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Color: Purple, Blue, Brown, Transparent
  • Size: 4.72 x 4.53 x 3.54in
  • Occasion: Bathroom, Kitchen


  • 1 x Leaf Shape Self Draining Soap Dish

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