Pull Cord Mini Food Chopper


This Pull Cord Mini Food Chopper is A Wonderful Package for All Your Day to Day Kitchen Need

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If you are the kind of person who likes to cook efficiently and without making a mess then this mini food chopper was made for you. There's no denying that manually chopping on a table is one of the most cumbersome and messiest tasks in the kitchen; onion can end up everywhere and at the end of the day the cut just won't be as good as a proper processor would give. All tasks require the right tools, but this time you can rely on a manual food processor instead.

There are a lot of advantages to using this hand chopper over larger models, and in no time you'll see what makes this mini food chopper so unique. Size is of course a huge advantage; traditional choppers can be very large and cumbersome models. Meaning they take a lot of time to set up, can be rather expensive and once you are done chopping... you are left with a huge mess to clean, all for some diced onions. This chopper in the other hand is made to be completely portable and compact, one of the smallest in the market overall, and that makes it easy to use and way easier to clean in general.

Another huge perk of this chopper is that it is completely manual, but not in the way most models are. If you've seen compact choppers before you likely are used to models where you need to push down to cut, but this mini food chopper opts for a completely new angle. Once you want to chop something all you need to do is to pull the string on the model, just wind it up like that and the blades will do the work. It's simple and far less strenuous on you than pushing down on a table. Plus it's just efficient, being both fast and delivering a perfect cut to any vegetables or meat you need to chop.

The mini food chopper is all in all a wonderful package for all your day to day kitchen needs, and part of what makes it so good is just how versatile it can be. While we've mostly mentioned soft vegetables like onions so far the range of foods the chopper can process is way wider. Vegetables are no issue, mincing meat is a snap as well, and even softer ingredients like garlic can be properly processed with just 10 pulls of the string. You don't have to settle just for chopping either, as the model can easily grind baby food, ensuring that your kid can enjoy the soft foods he needs without you having to go through the hassles of setting up your blender.

Sometimes going mini is going smart, and this mini chopper is one of those cases. Make sure to chop smartly from now on, and save time, space and even soap by keeping all your grinding needs to this simple kitchen helper. And in no time at all it'll become one of your most loyal kitchen assistants.

  • Material: ABS + PP + PC + Stainless Steel + Nylon Cord
  • Product Size: 3.35x3.35x2.76 inches / 8.5x8.5x7.0 cm
  • Capacity: 170ML
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs / 0.148 kg

Package Includes:

  • 1x Mini food chopper
  • 1x User Manual


  1. Store in a cool dry place out of the reach of children.
  2. To avoid injuries when cleaning, don’t touch the blades with fingers.