Damaged Screw Extractor Set


Stuck removing damaged or rusty screws? No more!

Getting a screw that has the driver head damaged off is a terrible feeling, right? Did you come across so many incidents that the screws get stuck in the wall/ wood because you end up ruining the screw nut into the wall/ wood making it impossible to extract from the wall/ wood? After you come across this screw extractor set you will find that they are really a life saver.

These broken bolt extractor tool works great for any basic household screws that are stripped or are giving your trouble getting out. You simply just drill these into the damaged screw and then reverse it back out. Simple as that.

This incredible extractor set is the perfect gift for professional contractors, carpenters & construction crews, as well as the casual for any handy man in your life.

Quick Tips:

  1. The drill should be spinning in the "unscrew direction" (the top spinning to left when pointed away from you)
  2. Apply as much pressure to the screw as you can while using this.

Damaged Screw Extractors Features & Specification:

▶ 62-63HRC HARDNESS - This Stripped Screw Extractor Set & bolt remover is made from H.S.S 4341#, the hardness of this screw remover set is 62-63HRC, which is stronger than ordinary steel.

SET OF 5 - 5 pcs broken screw extractor set (#0 #1, #2, #3, #4 ) can work with any drill and any screw size or all brands of power drills and screwdriver handles tools.

EASY TO USE - 3 steps to extract screws: Insert - flip - extract. Remove stripped or damaged screws and bolts quickly and easily. You can easily remove any stripped screw in 10 seconds or less.

WIDE USAGES - 5 pcs different screw extractors, perfect for stripped, broken, stuck or damaged and screw removal; Easily to extract the embedded, rusted and painted-over screws and bolts. This tool works on Allen bolts, Machine Screws, Lag Bolts, Wood Screws, Hex Bolts, Sheet Metal Screws, Rounded Bolts to name a few.

PORTABLE - This tap extractor & screws remover set comes with an essential tool kit box, you can take it anywhere you want.  


  • Dimension: 88mm*62mm*18mm/3.46*2.44*0.71inches
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Material: H.S.S 4341#
  • Parameter of each screw extractor:

-0# Remove Diameter 2~2.2mm
-1# Remove Diameter 3~5mm
-2# Remove Diameter 4~8mm (double)
-3# Remove Diameter 5~10mm
-4# Remove Diameter 6~12mm


  1. Make sure that you are using a bit that is SMALLER than the screw you are trying to remove.
  2. These bits are not for commercial screw removal.
  3. Put the set in a dry place to avoid getting rusty.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Set of 5 Damaged Screw Removers
  • 1 x Box
  • 1 x Manual

Quick and Easy to Use:

how to remove a stripped bolt or a broken screw by this handy stud remover tool set?

  1. First you want ensure that you are using a bit that is SMALLER than the screw you are trying to remove. That way it has enough room to drill a proper sized hole to extract.
  2. Slowly start to drill a hole into the screw head or bolt with the cutting size. This creates a cone shaped hole that makes it easy for the extractor head to grab onto.
  3. Flip the drill bit to the extractor side. Reverse your drill and start slow to allow the threads to catch. Continue to screw or drill until the bolt or screw is fully removed.
  4. And that’s it! Within a matter of seconds you easily removed that broken screw without damaging any of your other tools or bits. The high strength steel bit does all the work for you.

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