Every little girl remembers her first doll, because baby dolls are always little kids' first toys, and also their constant companions and friends. Dolls are a great way for kids to play and pretend at the same time. All children can enjoy and learn from gentle, nurturing play that teaches empathy and care.

Watching a young toddler bond with a baby doll has to be one of the cutest parenting moments. Not only do these timeless toys provide hours of entertainment for 1-year-olds, but they are also a great learning tool.

A baby doll can teach little ones about how to care for others, as well as aid in their learning about how their bodies move and work. Using a baby doll to model appropriate behavior is an excellent way to teach your child new skills, such as showing how to brush one's teeth on the baby doll or put on socks and shoes.

If you plan to gift one to your child or any young kid in the family on a special occasion such as birthday, Christmas, or New Year's, a doll is a great choice. Inspire your little one’s imagination with these sweet friends -- Personalized Metoo Dolls.

One of the best features of these dolls is you can have them personalized! We can decorate them with the name of a child who is to be given or another inscription according to your wishes. The material we use for names is a high quality glitter vinyl.

It makes a wonderful gift for a little girl for a "just because you are you" present. Such a personalized doll is a great souvenir and sure will be your little one’s next cuddly companion.