Stackable Spinning Top Toy

Color:  Set A: 5 Spinning Tops + 2 Launchers
Set A: 5 Spinning Tops + 2 Launchers
Set B: 10 Spinning Tops + 4 Launchers

This is a new spining top toy on an old favorite. Just use the powerful wind-up launcher for long lasting spin action and stack the different sized whirling tops to create a multi spinning tower.

They are addictive fire kids and adults alike. Grab 2 sets of this gyro spinning tops so you can have contests to see who can do it l stack then faster. Lots of fun. These were pretty easy to get them stacking with just a little bit of practice.

These are great educational toys while the kids think they are playing with parents no better. They are working to improve their color recognition and practicing hand eye coordination. What's more, this top spinning set will keep your kids away from the screens (computer, iPad or mobile phones.)

Watch your kids eyes light up in front of you as they understand and get it for the first time. It's a great gift for ages 3 and up. These spinning tops make great gifts for your own children or you can use them as a party favor. You can use them to fill candy bags, or they can be kid prizes, school carnival prizes or you can give them away as a birthday gift.

As an adult, you can also use it to relieve your pressure. It's a good leisure and relaxing game that suitable for the classroom, for your home, office, your teacher, friends and office clerk. Anyone will be happy to receive this spinning top toys set.

Package Including:

Set A: Including 5pcs Spinning Tops + 2 Launchers

Set B: Including 10pcs Spinning Tops + 4 Launchers

How to play this top spinning toy set? It so simple, most people don't need directions, but if you want them, you simple press the launcher button and then plug the launcher into the spinning top, turn 4-5 full circles. Press the button on the launcher and lift off the top on a plat surface and it will rotate. You can also choose to stack them layer by layer or have 4 spinning separately.

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