What Does Your Birthstone Say about You? -- Find Out the Meaning Behind It


Birthstones and their vivid colors have long been a way to connect your birth month with rare and unique gemstones. Birthstones are a fun, popular and colorful introduction to the world of gemstones. There are countless myths and legends around the many different powers and attributes that birthstones have. They are a meaningful gift for mom, a friend, spouse, or family member during a special occasion. But they mean much more than that as you'll find out below.

History and Origins of Birthstones

So many people will ask a question as "What is a birthstone?" Sometimes people have an idea of what their birthstone is, but they don't really know where birthstones came about and why we even have a birthstone. Do you know the origins of the birthstones?

Origins of birthstones actually date back to biblical times where the breastplate of Aaron had 12 gemstones each representing a trible of Israel. So the story goes that the high priest had a breast plate that had 12 stones on it, and the Lord instructed Moses to engrave the names of the 12 sons of Israel on those stones.

And the Bible does specifically name the stones. It does not specifically name the order in which the sons of Israel were supposed to be engraved on it, and the thinking is that Moses probably knew which order they were supposed to be in.

So we absolutely know the 12 stones because they're named in the Bible? Not exactly, the problem is that the names of the stones are unclear. Part of the reason for this is that the Bible has been translated, and the people translating the Bible weren't sure what those stones were, and probably just inserted stones that were familiar to them in wherever they were and in their modern time.

The original thinking was that a person would collect all 12 of these stones and that they would wear each stone during a certain month, or during that time of the zodiac. That would amplify the stone's powers, it's healing powers or whatever that stone had whatever powers that stone had. So initially it didn't have anything to do with your own birth. It was when you wore those stones. And ideally to be have the most powerful effect, you would own all twelve stones.

It wasn't until the 18th century that gem dealers in Poland came up with the idea of calling these birthstones and marketing the stones as birthstones so that you would get a certain stone depending on when you were born. That's a relatively recent invention, and in 1912 the National Association of jewelers started marketing this same idea in the United States.

While the stones have largely remained the same there have been some changes and additions, and as you'll see some very recent additions. Here's the modern list of gemstones:

  • January is Garnet
  • February is Amethyst
  • March is Aquamarine
  • April is Diamond
  • May is Emerald
  • June is Alexandrite or Pearl
  • July is Ruby
  • August is Peridot
  • September is Sapphire
  • October is Tourmaline or Opal
  • November is Topaz or Citrine
  • December is Topaz, Turquoise, Zircon, and very recently Tanzanite.

Birthstones by Month

Find Your Birthstones and Get the Meaning Behind Them

Do you know your birthstones? What does it say about your personality? Birthstones have an impact on your personality, traits and can even change a person's fate! They are famous among people because of the vibrant colour they possess and hence can be worn as jewellery.

Whether you are looking for a birthstone as a statement jewellery piece, as a unique touch to your outfit or simply want to get benefits associated with your birthstone then this article is for you, and it is going to be sharing with you the birthstones for each month and their meanings!

January Birthstone: Garnet

January Birthstone

For those people who are born in this month their birthstone is the Garnet. The Garnet family is one of the most complex in the gem world. It is not a single species but rather consists of several species and varieties.

Garnet comes in number of different colour including green, orange and red. Those who wear Garnet also develop a vibrant personality just like the bright and beautiful colour of this family. Some people believe that Garnets provide safety during travels.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

February Birthstone

The birthstone for February is called Amethyst. Amethyst is known to be one of the best healer of all time. This beautiful crystal comes in different shades of purple, and is believed to be protecting the wearer from toxicity, and enables to have a sobriety of emotions. It is also known to make a person more courageous and confident!

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

 March Birthstone

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is named after the colour of seawater because of its amazing range of shades from pale to deep blue. Those who wear Aquamarine are thought to possess calm personalities, and it is believed that it increases happiness of marriages. What is even more fascinating is that Aquamarines have been associated with certain healing powers.

April Birthstone: Diamond

April Birthstone

Diamond is the birthstone for April. Diamond would make the perfect gift for anyone since it is being used in jewellery making for many generations. In fact, diamond are known as a girl's best friend and symbolize love and affection. Diamond also comes in different colour but the most popular is white diamond. Diamonds represent Love and are the most coveted birthstones among all!

May Birthstone: Emerald

May Birthstone

The birthstone of May is Emerald which is known to be one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It comes in different shades of green and just like diamond it is used to express one's love. It also makes a nice piece of jewellery in a woman's collection. Emerald colour is known for its beauty and captures the eyes of everyone!

June Birthstone: Pearl and Alexandrite

 June Birthstone

June is one of the months with two birthstones. These two birthstones are Pearl and Alexandrite. Pearls as we known are commonly used in jewellery making for centuries. These shimmery spheres are everyone's favourite. On the other hand Alexandrite is a colour changing stone, that is why people born in June are considered to flip easily.

July Birthstone: Ruby

 July Birthstone

The birthstone for July is Ruby. Ruby is one of the prettiest gemstone of all times and the credit goes to its beautiful deep red colour. It is quite expensive and it thought to bring good luck to the wearer. It represents happiness, beauty and wisdom. It is also popular as a jewellery piece and adds a unique touch to your outfits.

August Birthstone: Peridot and Spinel

 August Birthstone

Like June, August also has two birthstones - Peridot and Spinel. Peridot has a beautiful lime green colour and the owner of it is believed to be possessed with strength and power. Spinel, on the other hand, is available in different colour and it saves the wearer from any harm and gloomy feelings.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

September Birthstone

The birthstone for September is Sapphire. It comes in a range of colour including pink yellow and green but the most famous one is blue. Sapphire's vibrant colour makes a great piece in your jewellery collection. It is thought to represent faith and trust. Sapphire is also one of the most popular birthstones due to its amazing colour and the aura it brings.

October Birthstone: Tourmaline and Opal

October Birthstone

October also has two birthstones - Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is one of the most beautiful gemstones because it's available in variety of colour. Similar Opal is also one of the prettiest piece of stone with beautiful colour and the owner of it is thought to be very kind and compassionate.

November Birthstone: Citrine and Topaz

November Birthstone

November is also associated with two birthstones - Citrine and Topaz. This colour of citrine is similar to sun and is associated with soothing properties. Where Topaz is found in a number of different colour and is one of the widely worn stone. Both of these stones are known to give strength and heal the soul.

December Birthstone: Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise

December Birthstone

Last but not the least, there are three birthstones for the month of December. These are Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise. These gemstones are perfect for winters as they come in shade of blue thereby representing icy blue snow. They are known to inculcate cool and relaxing feelings in the wearer. They are known to have calming properties and also give emotional stability to the wearer.

So there you have it, what is your birthstone among the above listing? Tell us in comments.