Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack
Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack

Child Proof Hidden Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4pcs/pack

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Are you worried about the safety of your baby once they start crawling and are capable of exploring? Do you wonder how to keep them out of the cabinets and away from potentially harmful substances?

Safety is Top Priority -- It's Time to Babyproof

Try to invest in magnetic cabinet locks for your house, which will let you relax and enjoy your time with your little ones more because you won't be terrified she’d get into something she shouldn’t.

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When Should You Install Baby Proof Cabinet Locks?

Do yourself a favor and put those magnetic child locks on before your child begins crawling. You’ll be able to rest easier while your little explorer is at work.

What Cabinet Safety Lock Should You Look For?

If you love the power of magnetic locks but don’t want the mess or work of drilling for them, here is a type of magnetic lock that doesn’t require any tools. This works by using 3M adhesive, which is strong enough to withstand the tugs of a curious baby. You’ll open the cabinets by using a key. If you’re worried about how your locks will look, rest assured you’ll barely be able to see them. These blend in with your decor, and will fit any cabinet style you have.

Why Parents Love Hidden Magnetic Locks?

The right child proof cabinet locks for your home will not only keep your little one away from anything dangerous, but they’ll also let you keep your sanity as they get more mobile. When no need use it after children grow up, you can remove it or just turn it to be "unlock mode" for more convinience.

Hidden Designed & Good Looking

You know why these child safety locks are so good looking? Because you can’t see them. They do not leave any marks or holes in your cabinets and it's completely invisible. These safety latches are installed inside cabinets and drawers and use powerful magnets to keep them shut until a “key” unlocks them, which will keep curious kiddos out of cabinets and drawers and away from household items they shouldn’t mess with.

Easy to Install with A Plastic Template

Forget screwdrivers and measurements -- the installation of these magnetic locks doesn’t require any tools. In fact, it takes less than three minutes to place each one inside drawers and cabinets using the included adhesive pads. The package is also included a plastic template to help align and install each lock properly. Warm note: The effective distance between the lock system and the key is about 35mm, so it doesn’t work as well with thick cabinets.

Use Adhesive Instead of Drilled Holes

These magnetic cabinet locks use adhesive instead of drilled holes, which is nice for apartment dwellers or those who aren’t that handy with tools. You won’t have to make permanent changes to your cabinets to use them. You'd better to let them set for 24 hours before using them for best results.

Peace of Mind During Children's Exploring

Rest assured that the dangers within your cabinets are off-limits to children, allowing you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home.

“Unlock Mode” for Any Period of Time

A unique feature of these magnetic locks is that you have the ability keep them in “unlock mode” for any period of time, which allows you to quickly whip up some dinner without having to unlock drawers and cabinets every time – or for after bedtime, or the years between kids when you don’t need them. They’re also great for grandparents who only need them engaged while grandkids are visiting. Magnetic locks are the most flexible type of lock in the long term.

Package Including 4pcs Lock System & 1 Key

These safety locks come in packages of 4 locks plus 1 key, so you can install them across a wide range of cabinets and drawers.

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