Are Unicorns Real?

I remember seeing a cartoon of a narwhal in a movie once and I remember thinking, there's no way that's a real animal, a whale with a horn. It seems like something from a fairy tale. 
But most of us have a questions about another animal from fairy tales, that is unicorn. Children may always ask you questions just like "are unicorns real?" "Does unicorn exist in the world?"
One day one of my friend Jack tells a story that when he was young, he and his babysitter were on a walk through a park. It was late afternoon, they were in a big grassy field, all of a sudden he heard his babysitter say "look! A unicorn!" Jack turned his head and saw a shadow of a large creature with what seemed like a big horn. A real-life unicorn I doubt he'd only heard about them in books, now in stories and movies. Unicorns are these amazing animals giant white horses with twisted magical horns. So Jack couldn't believe that there might be a real unicorn right there in the park. When the animal heard them, it looked up towards him and that's when Jack noticed it was just a big deer munching on some twigs. 
His babysitter had played a little joke on him, but even if it was just a deer, unicorns have to be real, right? I mean think about this: unicorns are mentioned in stories told in different cultrues all around the world, in the country of India, for example, they tell stories of a beast with one big horn colored white black and red; in China, unicorns were among the four sacred creatures along with the Phoenix the dragon and the tortoise; in Scotland, people loved the idea of the unicorn so much that it's one of their national symbols you'll see it on buildings and signs. 
So our unicorns are real animals that are actually walking out there in the world, or they only made up animals from stories? What do you think?
What makes the idea of a unicorn so special is that there aren't that many animals with a single horn like that, for example, moose have antlers and Rams have horns, but those come in pairs, there are two of them on their heads. But there are a few animals out there with only a single horn on the small end of the animal kindom. You've got this, the rhinoceros beetle, a type of insect that has a single long horn similar to our rhinoceros. 
Among the larger animals, there is the amazing narwhal, the type of whale that I mentionsed earlier. It is a real animal that lives in the Arctic, its horn is acturally a single long tooth that it uses to hunt fish.
So our unicorns part of the real-life one horned animal? Are unicorns real?
Scientists recently found a good clue to answer this question -- a fossil. You might know that a fossil is when the remains of an animal get captured in rock, it could be a footprint or a track, but in this case, it's what used to be a bunch of bones.
In Asia, scientists had been finding fossils of dinosaurs and mammoths, but then they foud a creature from even more recent times, a one horned creature they called it the Siberian unicorn, and below is a painting of one based on what scientists think that is looked like a unicorn.
It did have that single extremly long horn, but other than that, it looks pretty different from our usual idea of a unicorn. It was short, it was big and it was probable really furry. It looked more like a Rhinoceros mixed with a Buffalo rather than a horse, but it did have one horn the way a unicorn does.
So scientists decided it made sense to call it unicorn. They think that the Siberian unicorn even walked on earth around the same time as ancient human beings. So, even if you've never seen a unicorn, maybe your great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents did. 
So in summary, there are a lot of different animals with horns but only a few of them have one horn and none of them are horses. We don't think unicorns are real animals that are alive today, but based on fossils that have been found, maybe a long time ago, unicorns were real.
Well, study also proves unicorns are real. Unicorns actually existed but not exactly like in the fairy tales. When people tell you unicorns never existed, you can prove them wrong with a scientific study.
Researchs from Russia's Tomsk State University found a Fossilized "Unicorn" skull in Kazakhstan. Don't go breaking out your My Little Pony Unicorns in celebration though. They didn't look like that! These "Unicorns" looked more like Rhinos. Scientists describe them as being 6 feet tall and 9,000 pounds. More like a woolly mammoth with a big horn coming out of the top of its head. Just looked like the picture we mentioned before. 
The really interesting thing? These "unicorns" existed longer than all other prehistoric mammals. Scientits thought Unicorns became extinct 350,000 years ago. Turns out, they were still roaming the earth 29,000 years ago. They are still trying to figure out why they survived so much longer. But believe it has something to do with migration patterns.
Anyway, the unicorns described in the study were really ugly, right? Not as beautiful as the same in the fairy tales.
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