5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes
5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes

5pcs/pack Reusable Dry Anti Fog Wipes

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Why You Need to Use Anti Fog Wipes (A Game Changer)

We all know that having to wear a mask at work all day while being a glasses wearer was terrible! Your glasses are fogged up with almost every breath. So you have to find some anti fog product to make you see through your glasses during working. Are you looking for something other than a spray or shaving cream whatever because you don't want to have to stop and spray your glasses every time you put on a mask?

Try this miracle dry anti fog wipes, no worry about fogging on your glasses even when you are wearing a mask, enter a restaurant, and drink hot coffee. Save your life and enjoy skiing, hiking, motorcycle riding, and more from an annoying fog.


In this special time, this small magic defogger allows you to not only wear your mask and glasses at the same time, but also to see while doing so. You don’t have to adjust the mask a certain way or anything.


Features and Specification of Anti Fog Glasses Wipes

  • Superfine suede material: Extremely soft, scratch free, dry cloth without irritating smell, contain no harsh chemicals, 100% safe. 15cm by 15cm size. Reuse more than 300-600 times.
  • Special nano technology: Formed an anti-fog layer on the surface to prevent the vapor condensation on the lens surface.
  • Scences to be used: When eating, drinking coffee, igniting and outdoor sport, heat will fog lenses; When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big, the lens will be fogged. Never have to struggle with blurred vision again after you use this cloth!
  • Unique Effects: When you meet unclear sight, just use the anti-fog cloth to wipe the lenses by rubbing both sides of the lenses for 5-10 times or breathe out to the lens to create fog before wiping.
  • Wide application: Applied to eyeglasses, camera, screen, binoculars, bathroom mirrors, car rearview mirror, swim goggles, sports goggles, snorkeling masks, windshields, scopes, face shields and more. Easy to clean and prevent surface fogging.

User Instructions Step by Step

  • Step 1: Clean your glasses with a regular alcohol-based glass cleaner before using these anti fog wipes.
  • Step 2: Breath on your glasses enough to fog the lenses.
  • Step 3: Wipe entire surface of fogged area for at least 10 seconds, remember to rub the lenses with a bit more force. Notice: Repeat step 2 and 3 if necessary. Exhale to the lens until the lens does not appear fog. Make the lens have an anti-fog coating.
  • Step 4: Put the anti fog lens cloth back into the zip-lock pouch to keep dry and clean, don't wash the cloth.
  • Step 5: Try another wipe with the same cleaning cloth and direction again in the new day.

Why Anti Fog Wipe Doesn't Work Well for Your Glasses

Some people may find that this anti fog wipe doesn't work for their glasses. Here are some reasons and tips for your reference.

Tip 1: Check your lenses whether they have special coating

For people who find the anti fog cloth doesn't work for their glasses, and the only thing we can assume is the difference in lenses. Please check whether you lenses are some branded lenses which already have some speical coating. If so, the anti fog wipes may not work well.

One of the customers also do another test on his glasses with different frames, and find this cloth works extremely well on his browline frames that have open lenses on the bottom, including glasses with blue-light blockers, anti-reflective coating, etc. However, the anti-fog cloth does NOT seem to work well on one pair of his glasses that is a solid plastic frame all the way around.

Tip 2: Clean your glasses but don't wash this dry anti fog cloth

The most important thing is that you need to clean your glasses beforehand with a different cloth! Because it has to prep your glasses for the procedure as these nano particles won't have any space to stick well if your glasses are dirty. Please be noted that this anti-fog cloth is not a replacement for a cleansing cloth.

Tip 3: Rub your glasses with a bit more force

When you use this anti-fog cloth, rub it with a bit more force to embed the particles onto the glasses for lack of better works. It may not work well for you if you rub the glasses too lightly, or not cleaning glasses beforehand.  And also make sure that you can't wash the cloth or it'll lack its effectiveness.

Tip 4: Rewipe your glasses as a daily basis

Some customers have noticed that if you do not clean your glasses daily and re-apply it will not work. You do have to rewipe the glasses on a daily basis, it is worth doing so that you can see when wearing a face mask.

Tip 5: Other suggestions and warm reminder

  • Several Limitations of Anti-Fog Lens Cloth
  • The temperature must not fall below -10 degrees. (ski goggles)
  • It can't rain too hard. (rearview mirror)
  • It is useless for PC lenses or branded lenses with films.
  • The anti-fog cloths cannot be washed with water.

Package Including: 5pcs x Anti Fog Wipes

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