Secret Santa Gift Ideas

In western countries, Secret Santa is celebrated as a tradition during Christmas where a secret person is assigned to every individual among a group of people and everyone will be borne to give a present. It is full of surprizes, fun & happiness. With Christmas knocking at the door, it is time to feel festive and work on your secret santa gift ideas for coworkers or friends.

The "Secret Santa" concept is lovely in theory - it makes sure everyone's included and takes the pressure off of how much to spend - but the reality can be a little more fraught. You spend all day with your coworkers, but come time for your annual gift exchange, you're stuck trying to figure out exactly what Suzie will want that's also in your price range.

Whether you're responsible for getting a gift for someone you know really well or someone you barely do, get them a gift they won't relegate to the storage closet. No matter if you pick your boss, work BFF, or another coworker, look through these below practical, thoughtful yet budget-friendly Secret Santa gifts..

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35 items