Witcher 3 Wolf Medallion Necklace

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Call Yourself A True Witcher with These Ultimate Witcher Medallion Necklace

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Celebrate the vibrant world of The Witcher with this ultimate medallion and chain. You will finally be able to call yourself a true witcher.

Specification of Circle Witcher Medallions Pendant Necklace:

  • Material: Zinc alloy material
  • Dimension: the pendant is about 45mm diameter; the chain is about 70cm

Specification of Wolf Head Witcher Medallions Pendant Necklace:

  • Material: stainless steel pendant + stainless steel chain
  • Dimension: the pendant is about 40*33mm; the chain is about 60cm


Medallions in The Witcher Game

Medallions play an integral role in The Witcher: medallions are used by a Witcher as a tool, and react to the presence of magical auras, allowing a Witcher to become aware of nearby sorcery including illusions, spells and magical creatures. Medallions can also warn its user of sudden dangers, though some enemies like vampires and dopplers can't be detected by a medallion.

Geralt's Symbol: Gwynbleidd

The most famous symbol in The Witcher, Gwynbleidd is an Elder Speech term for The White Wolf, a name many call Geralt. In all three Witcher games, this white wolf medallion/symbol can be seen in the user interface, surrounded by Geralt's health and other metrics.

In the recently-released promotional materials for Netflix's The Witcher, this very same symbol is featured on the medallion that hangs around Geralt's neck.

Ciri's Symbol: Zireael

Cavill's Instagram post labels Ciri's medallion symbol as Zireael, which takes the form of a swallow. In fact, in Elder Speech, Zireael translates swallow.

Yennefer’s Symbol: The Obsidian Star

Yennefer is a sorceress, a love interest for Geralt and a mother figure to Ciri. Her symbol, the Obsidian Star, is a pendant that hangs off her neck with a velvet choker. 

Package including:

1 x Witcher Medallion Necklace (Models are optional)

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