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Why Bend Down to Tie When You Can Convert Any Shoe into a Slip-on?

Tying the shoelaces is always a time consuming process. You may even hate the shoe laces in your sneakers because they never stay tied or you just feel so sick of seeing your sons ratty laces dragging the ground. With these magic elastic no tie shoelaces, you can turn any pair of lace-up shoes or sneakers into slip-on.

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Life Will Be A Little Easier for Elderly People

Some elderly people said that you may never understood why people made such a big deal about the issues of lacing their shoes till you got to older with a bum foot. The old people have to take their shoes on and off all day to ice and rest their foot became a total pain as they had have to lace and unlace their sneakers every time.

While these no tie shoelaces would either make the shoes too tight or too lose. Elderly people can loosen them to slide the shoes on and off and tighten them up after slipping them back on if they need to, but most of the time they just slip them on and off which just making their life a little bit easier.

Great to Make Slip-on Shoes for Children

Some parents said that their children are always rushing to school in the mornings and they also hate tying shoes, every time they tie them they just come undone. After using these non tie elastic shoe laces, their children love slipping on their shoes, it’s quick and easy and the kids don’t have to mess with the laces. 

So parents can turn any of their children's shoe into a quick slip-on from now on. When shopping for your children’s shoes, you no longer feel limited by the type of fasteners that come on the shoe. you can buy any shoe they like, and swap out tie laces for these, easy on, no tie elastic laces. Great sanity savers for parents, right?

Great Invention for Every Runner in Races

Some runners said that, in the past, they have always double-knotted their laces to ensure that they would never become undone during a run; though this achieved such a purpose, it was always an extreme pain to have to undo the double knots afterwards. Or in races they've had laces come undone and have had to stop and do them up, with these no tie elastic shoelaces, no worries any more. These game changer shoelaces definitely relive pressure points on their feet when running.

Features of Non Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Save Your Time

Turn all your lace-up shoes into slip-on sneakers. With this cool no tie shoelaces, you don't need to worry about the laces getting loose again, and these wonderful elastic shoe laces will save you the trouble of tying any more.

Perfect for Everyone

These no-tie shoelace is especially suitable for your kids school shoes, and a great gift for seniors suffering from arthritis or other disabilities, kids, adults and runners looking to speed their triathlon transition up and casual user's sneakers. It's perfect for everyone!

Simple Installation One Size Fits All (Kids & Adults)

Lock device with strong stainless steel springs, no need to worry about being tripped over the loosen shoe strings. 120cm (47 in) high-quality elastic laces, long enough for any lace-up shoes, also can be trimmed to desired length with scissors.

Removable to Use Again

We all value reuse operation. Leave some extra laces before trimming, which will benefit a lot if you decide to try them on another pairs of shoes, or the stretch was simply too much. The best way to open the cord clips is to use a flat head screwdriver, and apply light pressure in between the opening at the top of it with the screwdriver until it pops open.

How to Use Non Tie Shoelaces

Step 1. Replace Your Traditional Laces

  • Put your feet in the shoes. We always recommend keeping your feet in the shoes throughout the installation process to ensure a proper fit.
  • Remove your old shoelaces and lace up with your new no tie shoelaces. Then squeeze the lock button and thread the ends of the laces through the opening.

Step 2. Adjustable to Fit

  • Use a pair of scissors to trim off the excess no tie shoelaces.
  • Before trimming the excess lace, make sure your laces fit snugly but are not too tight. We recommend wiggling your foot in the shoe or, better yet, standing up and walking around the room to make sure they are at a comfortable length.

Step 3. Secure and Finish

  • Align the trimmed ends of elastic no tie shoelaces with the ‘teeth’ inside the cord clip and snap together to secure.
  • It is very important that you align the ends with the cord clip properly to ensure that the cord clip stays securely attached. Tips: Use a lighter to singe the ends, just enough to seal up, to prevent the laces from fraying.

Package Including:

  • 1 pairs of No Tie Shoelaces (Each lace is 120cm long)
  • Each pair has 2 pcs laces, 2 pcs lock press points and 2 pcs lock housing.

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