Cat Paw Chair Socks - Cute Floor Protector

Color:  Multicolor 16pcs
Multicolor 16pcs
Gray 16pcs
Black 16pcs
Yellow 16pcs
Spot 16pcs

Are you tired of those chairs sounded terrible when scooting them accross the floor and also make scratches on hardwood floors? Is there something both practical and absurd that will work for the noise and scratches?  If you're looking to add a bit of whimsy into your decor while protecting your floors, These Cat Paw Chair Socks are right up your alley!

Cats are known for their silent behavior, so it only makes sense to style silent chair covers after them. So slip some of these cat paw socks on your seat, gather around the dinner table, and enjoy a fancy feast. The kitten knits will keep your furniture quiet as a cat. No more terrible noise and floor scratches from chair bottoms.

Not only have they looked cute and adorable but also very functional. These chair socks are shaped like a cat's paw, and easily slide over furniture legs. Each sock aids the seat in gliding easily across floors without making terrible scratches. Don't worry they won't stay on, you will like the design that we have made some little rub inserts on the interior to help the socks grip. 

With these cute floor protector, its quiet when moving the chairs around, so you can say goodbye to squeaking seats. You'll impress guests with flawless flooring... And outrageously adorable funiture additions. What's more, these will make a great Christmas or housewarming gift for the cat lovers who also wants to keep their floors scratch free.


Set of 4 crochet chair leg covers in one gift box. Anything in your house with legs may need them. Protect your hardwood floors and get rid of scratches and all the noise. Also can use them for the door handle.


  • Cute Cat Paw Design: They look like the chairs have gotten socks to keep their legs warm with these cat paws.
  • Soft Touch & Quiet Chair: The knits provides soft cushioning between legs and floors. You can now drag the chair very easily.
  • Stretchy & Tight: The adorable paws easily slide onto furniture legs... and stretchy to fit most leg shapes (e.g. square, round, oval).
  • Suitable for leg circumference/ girth: 2.3-7.1-inch (6-18cm).
  • Knitted Wool & Silicone Pad Inside: Effectively protect wood furniture or floors from scratches and reduce noise.


  • These kitchen chair socks can be used on tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, and a variety of other furniture feet.
  • Provide strong shield between floor and furniture feet, which perfectly protect the surface from scratches and scuffs.
  • Being the best floor protecting choice, these allow the chairs/ table feet to glide on floor without friction or harsh scraping sound.

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  • Please protect it from sunray, fires or wet places.


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