Safety Drawer Locks for Babies 6pcs/pack

Color:  Safety Drawer Locks 6pcs/set A
Safety Drawer Locks 6pcs/set A
Safety Drawer Locks 6pcs/set B

Are you having a terrible time keeping your toddler out of the fridge? And also he would go in, open drawers, and then leave the door open. It seems a perfect game for our little boys, right? Or are you just live in a rental home and cannot drill holes on any furnitures?

What's more, there are also the baby? Once they are mobile, these little ones' favourite activity is getting into everything. No cabinet, drawer or toilet is safe from prying hands. Wanna a practical solution for your "in a busy mom life"? Thus you can ease the burden, and make your baby safe forever.

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Little Explorer Start a Dangerous Journey

Being a mother ourselves, once your baby is on the move, there’s no stopping their curiosity! Little ones may explore drawers or play in the toilet where are full of danger. To keep your little one out of trouble, you’ll need to babyproof your home. You’ve padded corners and blocked off stairways to keep baby safe, but proper baby proofing also means keeping little hands from opening off-limits cabinets, window, door, and also toilet.

Furry-friend is Making a Mess

"Hey, Buddy. You are destroying the pillows again."-- Lovely pets loves to make destruction and make the home a mess which makes you a headache.

Toddler & Furry-friend Proof Safety Locks

Try these child proof safety locks which will offer the best protection to keep your baby from getting hurt. These child proof cabinet locks are also helpful to prevent the peppy pets from making the home a mess. Let's check the features of these baby proofing safety locks in details.

Two-step unlock protection

It’s necessary to slide the unlock button and press down the two release buttons at the same time to unlock it. It’s easy for adults to lock or unlock it single-handed, but difficult for children.

Multi-purpose Baby Safety Locks

The flexible and adjustable strap can work on most flat surfaces and around corners, make the safety locks babyproof your appliances, cupboards, windows, refrigerator, trash cans, dishwasher, toilet, pet food containers and much more. If it's necessary to use the lock on ovens, please stick it where it won’t get hot, because heat will accelerate the loss of stickiness.

Pull-resistance Safety Locks for Cabinet

High quality materials and strong 3M adhesive allow the lock to withstand more than 40 pounds of tension. Your children can't force to open. The locks require no drilling or tools, and installation is quick and simple. They can also be easily removed without damaging the surface.

Temporarily Removable

The main part of the lock can be removed, leaving only the lock base on the furniture. The main part can be buckled when needed again. Think about getting another set for the grandparents' house!

Adjustable Length

The strap length can be adjusted from 4.96 inches to 1.15 inches according to your needs. (Note: the shorter the strap, the greater the tension it can withstand).

Packing Including:

  • 6pcs/pack Child Proof Safety Locks

Model A:

Model B: