Baby Proof Clear Furniture Corner Guards 20pc/set


You never realize how many sharp edges your home has until you become a parent. You never truly know how dangerous tables and low-lying cabinets can be until you have a small baby at home.

Babies are constantly on the move and, no matter how overprotective a parent you may be, there will be times when you cannot look after them and watch their every move. The sharp corners and edges of a table can pose a hazard to them which is why there a huge need to use baby safety products to smoothen out these surfaces.

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Corner Protectors Keeping Little Ones Safe From Sharp Things

Just mount some table corner protectors, you and your little ones won't even notice them, never feel anxious that your baby is at risk of serious cut injure. Installation takes seconds and does not ruin your furniture!

With corner guards, you can add another step to your safety measures by padding what could be a sharp section. Whether it’s your coffee table, dining room table, entertainment unit, or side tables, there’s never too far you can go to ensure your child’s safety.


A Guard in Your House -- Protect Your Family

These clear furniture corner protectors are designed for sharp corners to effectively protect your family, no need to worry that the sharp corners of the furniture will hurt your family (especially your baby). Cover sharp corners on tables and hearths to protect little bodies from bumps and bruises.

Forever at Peace

Securing sharp corners is simple! Perfect for protecting both you and your baby from sharp edges of the table. Never again feel fearful and anxious about your child being at risk! Childproof.

Stick and Not Easy to Fall

Custom-made adhesives provide greater retention, keeping the protectors stay in place and do not fall off. So children are more difficult to do that.

Transparent and Clear Enough

Don't spoil the elegant look of the furniture. The transparent protectors preserve the natural look of the furniture and they are hard to spot by kids!

Widely Use

The rubber corner guard is suitable for most materials and furniture, such as wood, glass, table, cabinet, refrigerator, desk and so on. The corners of the tables or under some cabinets are also very sharp places. Adults and children often hit their feet. Install these anti-collision corners for these places too!

How to Install Baby Proof Corner Covers?

Step1: Clean the Surface

Clean the surface of the furniture without stains and dust.

Step2: Apply 3M Adhesive

After removing the protective layer, do not touch the surface of the adhesive with your hand.

Step 3: Press firmly

Stand at the corner and press hard, Make sure the protector is stable enough for 24 hours.

Pay attention to the thickness of the installation place

  • If the table thickness is less than 2cm, the corner guards can not stick well;
  • If the table thickness is more than 2cm, the corner guards will 100% match;
  • If the table thickness is more than 4cm, the corner need double protection, that means you have to install 2pcs corner guards for 1 corner.

Package Including:

  • 20pcs/pack Transparent Baby Proof Corner Guards