Mini Natural Crystal Tree Ornaments

Color:  Citrine Crystal
Citrine Crystal
Pink Crystal
Amethyst Crystal

Tree of life is associated with knowledge and wisdom. A simple Tree of Life fengshui decor can keep you inspired and encouraged, help you find strength and stability. The Tree of Life with its seeds, branches and roots signifies the family tree. It will Infuse Abundance and Prosperity into Your Life. When you wear it, it promotes beauty, health, good luck, and healing. When you received this birthstone money tree of life, pls separate the branches and tree roots to make this masterpiece work by yourself.

These handmade nature stone trees are made of extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmitting them into love. 

Crystals can be used for healing or environmental enhancement. Their subtle vibrations can affect the physical, psychological and spiritual levels of being. An earthly treasure for the mind and soul! Energies: Luck, Money, Healing, Energy, Wealth.

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