Multi-Gear Fidget Spinner Toys for Fidgeters

Color:  9 Gears Silver
9 Gears Silver
9 Gears Black
4 Gears Silver
4 Gears Black
4 Gears Round Black
4 Gears Round Silver
4 Gears Round Blue

This Multi-Gear Fidget Spinner Toys will be the ultimate stress and anxiety relief toy for fidgeters! They are the perfect finger spinning toy for anyone who needs to relieve stress and anxiety.

Featuring an impressive gears linkage design, this fidget spinners have one or more bearings in each gear, making them both sturdy and captivating.

The brass gears and aluminum frame combined with high-quality bearings provide a long spin time of 2-4 minutes. The double-layer structure also makes them easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go use.


Not only are these mechanical fidget spinners discrete and fun, they're also effective for increasing focus and attention in children and adults with ADHD, ADD, OCD, and Autism.

They're great for waiting in lines, meditation, timing, quitting bad habits, and striking up conversations. Plus, they're impressively smooth, well-made, and fun to disassemble.

Come in a carrying case, making these fidget toys a unique gift for your favorite fidgeter. They're truly a solid and well-machined product that spins incredibly well, considering the inertia from all the gearing.