Oxidised S925 Silver Hummingbird & Olive Branch Hoop Drop Earrings

Gift for Hummingbird Lovers

These minimalist and elegant hoop drop earrings feature a beautiful design of a hummingbird and an olive branch, made from S925 sterling silver and inlaid with sparkling zircons. The earrings are crafted using the oxidation silver process, which gives them a unique antique look.

These earrings are perfect for anyone who loves nature-inspired jewelry and is looking for something that's both stylish and understated. They're ideal for both casual and formal occasions and make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.


  • Made from high-quality S925 sterling silver
  • Inlaid with sparkling zircons
  • Unique and elegant design of a hummingbird and an olive branch
  • Oxidation silver process for an antique look
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear