Portable Emergency Travel Urinal For Kids

Style:  Portable Urinal for Boy

Long travels with the kids are usually full of the usual questions, ‘are we there yet?’ ‘Daddy, where do I pee’ and the likes.  While kids are not good at controlling their bodies and holding the urge to urinate for a while before getting to a designated place. This portable emergency travel urinal for kids is helpful in wee emergencies, an excellent idea to keep in the car and useful for the potty training phase especially.

It's been a lifesaver on the school run, at bus stops, in supermarkets, fireworks displays etc but also on long trips in the car between motorway service stations. It's easy to rinse out too although removing the white funnel part without getting wee on your fingers is a bit challenging -- small price to pay for the convenience though. 

It’s made from good high-quality material that is safe to use for the kids. Your child wetting their pants because you could not find a bathroom in time would now be a thing of the past.

This portable urinal is convenient, portable and easy to carry around with a weight of 2.4 ounces, a maximum capacity of 500ML, a height of 7.3 In. and a diameter of 3.3 In. There are two design styles of this portable potty, a yellow one for boys and a red one for girls. The designs are different but equally effective. 

Easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. The sealing performance of this baby potty is excellent, expect zero leakages after sealing it. There are anti-sliding sideways for leak proofing, so there won’t be any fishy urine smells in the car. Easy to clean, the lid and insert can be removed and the container easily rinsed with water.

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