St. Patrick's Day Gnome Dolls Decoration (2pcs/set)

尺寸:  2pcs/set (10.2" by 3.5")

Let Gnomes Bring Good Luck to Your Family

Each gnome, also known as a tomte or nisse. Gnome is excellent for spreading the traditional spirit. In folklore, gnome guards home and protect people from misfortune. It brings good luck to the family and is regarded as good luck.

These plush gnome dolls are made of high-quality wool felt, lightly filled with hypoallergenic polyester stuffing and entirely hand sewn. There is a wire in his tall hat to make it in a different pose. The weighted bottom lets it stand alone stable.

Inspired by Ireland myths, the handmade green Leprechauns Tomte, which has a semi-mechanical body, is different from the traditional toy. His green felt hat can be bent freely. Adding the weight on lower body to keep balance of standing. No face design makes his appearance is more peaceful and lovely.

These two dwarfs are at the same size. 26 cm tall from hat to bottom and 9 cm wide. The perfect home ornament, Decoration for your home, place them in your living room, like the desk, table, sofa, bookcase, shelf, dining table, and bed.

For those who are looking for a gift for that someone special, this type of gnome Elf adds atmosphere and is suited for a Saint Patrick's Day gift, Easterand Christmas since it conveys special meaning for whoever receives one as a gift and will instantly make the recipient know how much you care.