2pcs Stand Up Pencil Cases

Color:  2pcs (gray cat + pink cat)
2pcs (gray cat + pink cat)
2pcs (brown cat + black cat)
2pcs (bear + unicorn)
2pcs (sheep + duck)
2pcs (black bear + brown bear)


This is a unique "telescopic" designed multi purpose organizer for pens, pencils, crochet hooks, and makeup brushes, etc, no digging through a pouch.

This pop up pencil case will keep your children's desk a little less cluttered while adding something fun. These are not traditional pencil box, perfect back to school or Christmas gifts for elementary school age kids or for teenagers.

Being able to pull it down, turn to be a pencil holder, so you can see which pencil, marker, or pen to use. Great for traveling or just bringing along to shcool or anywhere, and the pencils don't roll off the table!

The pencil pouch stands up on its own and slides up and down with no problems. There are a few side pockets inside the case for organizing. The way they are structured makes them brilliant for using as a pen pot and if you want to take them with you, just pull up the top and zip it up.

The inside of the case is heavily lined which not only keeps pens and pencils from poking through, it means they can't fall out either. The inside lining has little pockets too for paper clips and whatever else might be kicking around your desk. Brilliant idea and will look great on any stationery trolley!

This is not only a fun little stationary bag to hold pens, pencils, whatever for students. But also suitable for below:

  • - Artists that have a lot of drawing supplies
  • - Those that color or draw
  • - Those that sew, crochet, or knit.
  • - Anyone who needs to carry some smaller items. Great for travel. Would fit perfectly in a backpack.
  • - For ladies to store those makeup brushes in a more hygienic holder, so the brushes will be covered from dust etc.. Or used as makeup bag for lipsticks/liners etc.
  • - As eye glasses or sunglasses holder

Warm reminder:

  • Due to how it is shipped you need to reshape the base a bit before it'll sit flat.

Package Including:

  • 2pcs Stand up Pencil Cases (Patterns are optional)