Tree of Life Blue Dream Catcher Ornament


Dream catcher symbolizes the yearning for a better life. It brings love, bright and positive energy for you every day. Dream catcher capture dreams and bring blessings. The bad dreams are trapped in the net, and then good dreams slide down the feathers and beads to the sleeping person. As the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams disappear.

This Tree of Life dream catcher is dotted with abundant, small quartz crystals which are acting as leaves, looks exquisite and graceful, the tree of life symbolizes wisdom, protection and beauty, vitality, telling people never give up your hope and fight for wonderful thing. It is also decorated with blue & black fumigated feathers strung with beads, creates a sweet and dreamy feeling. 

It is a dreamy piece of art that looks beautiful in any space like your living room, kids bedroom, Garden, Window, engagement or wedding party favor, even a cozy cafe or a studio. Hanging it everywhere you want, bringing you peace, wealth and endless positive energy, health, good luck and protection.

Size: Total length 65cm, circle diameter 16cm
Material: feather, iron ring, plastic beads, gravel, cotton thread

Woven Thread with white beads
Handmade woven technique makes the dream catcher stronger, easy to hang and difficult to fall off

Blue Feathers Style
Imagine that the wind blow the Blue soft feathers, it will looks like Blue willow trees fluttering in the wind

Good Blessing
Dream catcher represents good wishes and can bring happiness to your children,mother or lovers

Wall Decor
Blue crystal tree design,nice wall decorations for wall hanging, especially for girls’ bedroom

Package included:

  • 1 x Tree of Life Blue Dream Catcher 

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