Layered Turquoise Wrap Bracelet for Women


Turquoise is a protective and stabilizing stone that helps enhance communication and intuition. It is used to balance the chakras, aid in meditation, and bring inner calmness. Turquoise is a throat and heart chakra opener. Wear this gorgeous bracelet to enhance creative vision and predictive powers.

This stunning new bracelet wraps around the wrist three times, and designed with a beautiful gold-dipped turquoise in the middle of a bracelet, full of dyed turquoise imperial jasper.

Turquoise is also the birthstone of December. It is one of the first ever gemstones to be mined and has long been prized for its intense colour. This casual boho jewelry birthstone bracelets are perfect birthday and Christmas gift ideas for ladies.

Imperial Jasper is a spiritual healing stone known to activate all the chakras of the torso including the heart, sacral, root as well as solar plexus chakra. Known for its centering eminence, it too protects the carrier from negative views and touches. Imperial Jasper is said to help align and balance all 7 chakras (with an emphasis on the 4 torso chakras). As a nurturing stone, it helps those suffering from addiction, as well as stabilizes emotions and reduces fear.

*Material: Natural Stones, Jasper, Genuine Leather, Metal

*Natural Stones: Turquoise and Imperial Jasper

*Making Technics: Full Handmade

*Size: Around 19.7 inches+3 loops for adjustment

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