Stainless Steel Creative Watermelon Slicers

Style:  1pc Windmill Watermelon Slicer

Cutting A Watermelon Like A Chef with These Creative Watermelon Slicers

 #1. Rotating Watermelon Slicer Cuts Perfectly Cubed Watermelon Slices

This watermelon windmill slicer is a game changer of eating watermelon in this summer.

If you're someone prone to cutting themselves while slicing up watermelons and other fruits, you should probably put down the knife, and grab a tool that's better suited for someone of your caliber. Take for instance this brilliant new watermelon slicing gadget that will automatically slice up your melons into little squares in mere seconds. This will be the best way to cut a watermelon in this summer. And this will also be a unique gift idea for watermelon lovers and a practical housewarming gift idea.

Features and Specification:

  1. NEWEST SUPERIOR DESIGN: Your best solution for eating watermelon. This windmill  watermelon slicer come with one automatic cutter blade, just push the watermelon slicer tool into watermelon, watermelon cubes come out automatic. Watermelon cutting ruler help you to measure 0-2CM cubes as your ideal size.
  2. PERFECT CUBE SLICES: The watermelon cuber is designed so that you can cut the perfectly cube shaped slices of watermelon that you cut every time! It’s unique composition allows you to make clean and quick slices in watermelon without breaking a sweat! This unique slicing mechanism allows you to cut the watermelon into the perfect cube size 2CM that you want every time you use it. 
  3. QUICK & EASY TO USE: Stainless steel 18/8 watermelon cube cutter is an serve easy tool to allow quick cutting and serving of watermelon cubes smoothly and easily. Watermelon gets the cubes you imagined with just one easy step, just push it. Quickly and effortlessly cuts into the watermelon fruit; allowing for fast and easy serving straight out of the melon cube onto the plate. Make your own watermelon salad in one minute, enjoy refreshing watermelon cubes hassle free without dealing with drippy mess.
  4. ABSOLUTELY SAFE & KID-FRIENDLY EDGES: This watermelon cutting tool features unique rounded edges and non-sharp blades, making it perfectly safe. All you have to do is use them to push cut the watermelon into cube, and they'll be perfectly safe, even for children! Never have to worry about accidents.

#2. Handy Watermelon Claw Cutter

Once fruits are cut in half, place tool claw down to sweep through, slicing all the way to the rind, then flip the tool and use like tongs to lift out the perfect 1" wide slices; notches on the sides help to grasp and lift fruit from the rind.

Please be noted that this watermelon cutter is meant to only be used on the watermelon flesh for slicing after the melon has already been cut in half, not to be used to cut the rind.


#3. 2pcs/set 2-in-1 Melon Scooper Carving Knife

Create perfect fruit garnishes with this 2-In-1 stainless steel melon scooper carving knife. With a scooping head on one end and carving knife on the other, your possibilities are endless. Scooper comes with a small hole on back of sphere to help coax fruit out without getting damaged. Slice, cut & scoop vegetables, cookies, cakes, watermelon & more.

 #4. Popsicle Shape Watermelon Cutting Tool

This innovative kitchen tool cuts flat slices of watermelon into the freshest, juiciest pops in a town like a cookie-cutter, but for your fruit!

The perfect popsicle shape watermelon cutter is made of super durable stainless steel. The cutting edge is safe yet sharp enough to easily glide through vegetables and fruit.

Cool off with all-natural watermelon pops at summer parties and picnics. Natural fruit slices are a healthier alternative to packaged frozen pops.

Features & Specification:

  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel, Sharp Blade, Easy to Use and Clean.
  • Easy to Use: Help You Cut Watermelons into Consistent Size Pieces and No Watermelon Juice Left on Hands or Countertop.
  • Creative Designs: Popsicle Shaped Watermelon Slicer Would Make Your Summer Amazing and Arouse the Child’s Appetite.
  • Multipurpose: It Can be Use for Ice Cream, Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydrew, You Can Enjoy Various Fruits and Food!
  • Perfect Gift: A Definite Must-Have for Your Happy Home Life. Very Sweet Gift for Your Housewife or Househusband.

Want to impress all of your picnic guests with the cutest watermelon pops? Then get this! 

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