Best Floor Protectors That Will Keep Furniture & Chairs from Scratching Your Floor

Luckybudmall Oct 17, 2022

When you are enjoying yourself peacefully in your own home, do you realize that the next minute your chair leg may be etching a scratch in your beautiful floors, especially for your hardwood flooring?

Which means that the damaged floor not only ruins the appearance of your living space but also depreciates the overall value of your home. So what do you do about it?

How to Keep Furniture & Chairs from Scratching Your Floor?

A beautiful hardwood or tiled floor adds a special touch of style to your home and can increase the value of your property.

Thus you don't want anything to destroy it - not even a beautiful set of chairs.

So does the new home owners, to whom you are going to send some unique and practical housewarming gifts.

When you move heavy furniture across the floor, scratches and scuff marks can ruin the surface.

What's more, are you tired of those chairs sounded terrible when scooting them across the floor?

Do you have to purchase big and clunky floor mat? Or just plan to repair the floor regularly?

Besides some tips and tricks such as take off your shoes; add entry mats at the door; avoid chairs with rollers; consider area rugs for areas where chairs are moved often; clean regularly to get the dirt/ grit up.

Just some floor protectors will solve the problems and also make a giftable housewarming gift idea.

The floor protectors just act as cushioning barrier between furniture and the floor so that any type of surface stays looking fabulous for longer.

How to prevent your floor especially hardwood floor from scratches?

Here is the answer: You should get some floor protectors for the legs of your chairs and other furniture.

How to Choose the Best Floor Protectors to Prevent Your Floor?

You can't, actually you shouldn't, decorate your bedroom, living room and dining room with aesthetic chairs, table and sofa on your expensive wooden floor unless you cover their bottoms with the floor protectors.

Chair leg floor protectors come in a variety of styles, so you'll always be able to find something you like.

Now, do you have some ideas about how to choose the best furniture leg covers for your hardwood floor? Here are some suggestion for you.

Common Types of Floor Protectors

The most common types of floor protectors are self-adhesive furniture felt pads, floor grippers, nail-in felt pads, slip-on silicone cups or boxes, and vinyl floor runner/ protectors...

1. Self-adhesive Felt Floor Protector Pads

These are the most popular type of floor protectors as they are quick and easy to use.

Just peel the pad off its backing and stick it onto the feet of chairs or tables, which will protect wooden and laminated surfaces in your home from scratches and scuffs!

However, self-adhesive protectors aren't long term as they loosen eventually. But since they are cheap, you can replace them as frequently as needed.

Felt protector pads are best for chairs that are moved often on hardwood floors. Their soft texture allows furniture to move smoothly and noiselessly.

But they come off easily and leave a sticky mess, especially for those pet owner's home, because they would attract and hold the pet hair.

2. Cup-shaped Floor Protectors

Cup or box-shaped floor protectors are made from transparent hard plastic or flexible silicone material, which can ensure that your furniture legs can maintain the original color and doesn't detract from the beauty of chairs, others can't even noticed them on the furniture legs.

These floor protectors are also called chair condoms by somebody, which are very easy to attach to furniture legs, either by sticking them on or slipping them onto a chair or table leg.

They're pretty discreet and extremely durable; they can last a really long time without wearing down.

However, the size choice is the trouble, and they may drop-off easily and unnoticed as some customers reviewed as below: "Unfortunately they do not stay on and I would have to put glue on them to get the to stay. Every time I lift the chairs or try to move the table they come off. I would not recommend these at all.  "

3. Nail-in Floor Protectors

Nail-in or also named tap-on furniture pads are attached to the bottom of furniture legs using a nail or screw, which ensures superior hold on any kind of wooden furniture.

First of all, you need to clean the surface of the furniture feet.

Then pre-drill a hole in the center of the wooden furniture leg and carefully tap the nail into the pre-made hole.

Finally you can forget about scratches and annoying noise for a long time!

However, if loosely installed or worn out, floor damage can occur as the loose or exposed nail scratches the hardwood floor during movement.

Tap-on protectors are suitable for heavy furniture that isn’t moved often.

The Best Floor Protectors -- Knit Furniture & Chair Socks

Slip-on floor protectors are pads or socks that slipped onto furniture legs. Designed to fit the size and the shape of the furniture legs like socks, they don’t fall off or scratch the floor.

Knitted/ crochet furniture socks provide super-soft cushioning protection for any type of hard floor and are very effective at stopping furniture legs from damaging a surface.


1. Double Thickening Knitted Chair Leg Socks

Say no to sticky felt pads. These knit chair socks are very inexpensive and do the job that they should!

If your chairs make noise on the floor with each movement, these socks will help to solve the problem.

And, when they pick up hair and lint, you can vacuum them off.

Made of nice and thick knit material, easy to put on furniture or chair legs, and seem like great protection for the floor.

May have to pull the chair leg socks up once in a while, but you also have to do that everyday with your socks, right?

While the socks tend to slip down on a smooth metal or leather chair leg, you can also fix that with a rubber band.

The furniture socks can get damaged easily on uneven surfaces so it is best to use these protectors on a smooth even surface, or you can consider the next style -- knit furniture socks that designed with felt padded footies.

2. Knitted Furniture Socks with Felt Padded Footies

Engineered from heavy-duty, high density polyester fiber, with felt padded footies, and a stay-tight weave, these chair feet protectors won't slide down, fall off or become holey (no matter how hard you pray).

They have the little pads inside the "socks" that are durable like regular stick on chair sliders.

These are great because they are not even noticeable. Thus you will love their functionality and how the color blends.

They can be "installed" super easy and make no noise on the floor! No more scratching and no more noise when moving the chairs.

Finally, early morning peach and quiet. If you're looking to add a bit of whimsy into your decor while protecting your floors, the next style -- Cat Paw Chair Socks are right up your alley!

3. Cute Knitted Cat Paw Chair Socks

Cats are known for their silent behavior, so it only makes sense to style silent chair covers after them.

These 'kitten mittens' are the best for protecting wood floors from chairs, benches, even planters! They are cute and practical.

They are so easy to use it’s just like putting socks on. It doesn’t work as well on thicker legs but for regular chair legs it works great.

When they get dirty, just take them off and wash them and they are good as new!

Just slip some of these cat paw socks on your seat, gather around the dinner table, and then you can enjoy a fancy feast.

You will like the little rub inserts on the interior to help the socks grip. These really add character to a chair, as well as protecting the floor.

The cat paw chair socks will keep your furniture quiet as a cat. No more terrible noise and floor scratches from chair bottoms.

What's more, these will make a great Christmas or housewarming gift for the cat lovers who also wants to keep their floors scratch free.

4. Extra Large Furniture Socks for 20-35cm Legs

Since most of the furniture are large and heavy, and the leg is big too. 

If you need some large furniture leg socks that will not easy to fall and will fit some of your large furniture legs, this plus size knitting socks will be your best choice.

This type of extra large furniture socks can be stretched, fit for furniture leg’s girth/circumference from 20-35cm. Knitting socks have high elasticity, so they can meet most leg shapes, round, square, oval etc.

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