8 Best Toddler Toys - Cool Gift for Both Toddler Girls & Boys

Luckybudmall Oct 14, 2022

Just when your kid is turning 2, sorting colors, shapes and playing with friends is most likely what they're going to be excited about.

Throwing things, kicking balls, and running around here and there might be something familiar for them. After all, being a toddler is exciting.

But when it comes to choose toddler toys for both boys and girls, it might be a challenging thing for you.

To help your toddler prepare for preschool, I have made a list of tested toddler toys for your kid's safety, fun factor, and functionality.

What to Look for in a Toddler Toy as Gift Ideas?

Children are fond of toys. Your toddler will love to play with eye catching toys all the day.

When we purchase toys for kids, we buy the ones that can help stimulate the senses in your child.

Toys should help develop the mental level of toddlers. We must have to build motor skills in toddlers and should make children’s more creative.

Age Range

Before thinking of toddler gift ideas, you need to make sure you know the exact age of that toddler.

Then, you need to pick a gift that is age-appropriate for the kid to enjoy. You can't just get a toy made for 4-year-olds for a two-year-old toddler.

Some toy kits have smaller pieces that are dangerous for kids that are too young.

Educational Value

Toddlers are always into learning new skills. Because they're constantly curious to know more, you would want to purchase a gift that has learning value as well.

The toy doesn't have to be boring like block sets or dollhouses. You can teach children with just any small toy depending on their interests and skills.


A fun, engaging toy is what your toddler needs to stay busy. Try getting one with fun graphics, sound effects, and bright colors. It is most likely to get approved by any toddler.

What Are Some Excellent Educational Toys for Toddlers?

The answer is whatever your child finds fascinating, interest, fascination, engagement is what deep learning seems like from the surface.

Toddlers are supremely tactile. They're fascinated by small and large muscle movements.

Kids are fascinated because that is what their brains need at this stage! The most educational toy is whatever your child plays with.

No matter how well educated the toy is designed to be, the least academic is what the child has no interest in.

Here is our latest list of best toddler toys from which you can take toddler gift ideas as well.

#1 Personalized Dreamy Angela Plush Dolls --  A "Just Because You Are You" Present 

Every baby girl remembers the first doll she got. But when it comes to a dreamy angela plush doll, especially from their parents, your toddler will never lose it.

It is soft and cuddly for your baby girl to hug and play with, which makes it the top Christmas and Birthday gift for toddler girls.

The connection of a baby with her first baby doll is inseparable. These dolls are designed to create long-lasting memories, and I'm sure you'll always appreciate choosing these dolls for your little ones.

You can get a personalized doll according to your likings. These dolls are the cutest. They measure around 13 inches in height and have a soft material.

You can get this beautiful doll with your baby girl's name as well. A glitter color material is used to highlight your child's name. 

This doll is perfect for baby girls as they mostly enjoy playing with dolls. It's soft like cotton, so your toddler can feel its texture better, and it makes them have some responsibility for better growth.

This little doll has all these benefits. You can get it customized specially for your toddler as a gift or for any other kid.

#2 Hatchable Egg Bath Toys -- Make Toddlers's Bath Time from Hate to Love

You won't ever witness something cuter than seeing your toddler play with a tiny duckling in the tub.

This hatch able egg is going to be your toddlers' favorite bath toy ever. It works like a mini water toy as well. It can be entertaining to play with when this little duckling joins you in the tub.

The hatchling will come out of the shell when the water fills up and when it rains out, the hatchling will slowly go back into the surface.

Up for cheeky fun with this duckling? When the egg is filled with water, hold and duck and press down the top shell for a squirt of water from its beak!

Rinsing must be the hardest for you during bath time, but with this tiny duckling, you can make it a bit fun for them.

This toy has educational as well as growth benefits for your toddler. It will make them have fun while bath time and will help them get better at hand-to-eye coordination.

Your kid can enjoy their bath time and can also take it to the beach or swimming pool for staying busy and enjoying more than they usually would.

If you toddler hates bath time, the first thing you should find out is that why they hate bathing? And with such cute bath toys, which will make your little ones from hate to love bathing.

#3 Musical Dinosaur Race Track Toy 

This LED race toy comes with a set of one 9cm tall Dinosaur and 3 mini dinosaurs. It is one of the best toddler gift ideas.

Because, it stimulates better imagination in your toddler, increasing their creativity, observation, and sociability.

Your kid's hand-eye coordination gets better with this toy, and it also teaches teamwork is vital to solving problems.

It has cheerful music and LED lights and a racing track with vibrant colors.

It is the best gift idea, as this game set is educational, fun, and safe too. You can give it as a birthday gift to a one-year-old boy or girl, or as a Christmas present.

Your child can play with this toy and share it with his friends as well as this game is to be played by more than one person at a time.

It is ideal for increasing your toddlers' imagination and improving teamwork. The parent can also use it to interact better with your toddler.

It increases your child's observation and creativity which leads to better behavior. It teaches your toddler to share their stuff with their friends to do better.

Through this toy, your kid will know how essential teamwork is to solving problems.

You can get this toy as a gift for someone else's kid or your toddler as well if they're interested in this kind of toy.

#4 Creative Sounding Steer Wheel Toy 

It is a fun educational toy for toddlers to develop skills, senses, and imagination. Your baby can have more fun with the imitation of a car. The steering wheel can be used anywhere, not just in the car.

It is a great imaginative toy and the best for toddler gift ideas. It is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, or just as a random gift for your kid or friend.

This toy has a full rotation feature that results in twisting, pulling, and turning your baby's hand movement.

Your toddler will love it so much. It is light and is perfect for bringing in your car for your little ones to enjoy pretending that they're driving around.

This toy will teach your kid how to focus on a specific place. It makes them know about hand movements and develop senses and imagination.

By the time your kid reaches the toddler stage, their vision is already at its peak, but they can be better at it with this toy.

It is lightweight, and you can make your kid sit still in their car seat without getting bored.

#5 Funny Amphibious Walking Crab Toy 

If your little one hates bath time, then this toy is the perfect gift for them and you too. This walking crab toy will add some fun to your toddler's bath time.

It will make your kid engage better, and your baby will be happy with being soaked in water for hours playing with this toy.

This toy walks precisely as a real crab does, so it will make your toddler a bit curious and will make them want to know why crabs don't walk like human beings.

It doesn't require any batteries to work. You can pull the string at the back if you want to play with it on the floor. If playing in the water, move it clockwise, and it will start walking.

This crab toy will be a great introduction to imitation for your kids. It doesn't require batteries, so you won't have to spend on it repeatedly, and it will make your toddler's bath time more fun and exciting.

#6 Silicone Spinning Top Toys with Suction Cup 

These spinners are perfect for toddlers. Just stick them to your car window, your baby's high chair, or even on the refrigerator for them to stay busy spinning it for a long time.

The corners of this spinning top are made of silicon for safe play. So even if your children hit these toys, the bumper on the top will protect your kid's fingers.

It is perfect for toddlers and babies as a Birthday Present or a Christmas gift. It has an interactive design with three colors and cute animal shapes.

It lets your baby get to know the charm of balance, rotation, and timing.

This toy can reduce your baby's emotion

al stress, and it can bring more fun and test your child's brain to help them grow. The smooth shape and built-in rattles take care of the baby's small and soft hands.

Its variety of colors and animal or insect shapes attract kids' attention and their interest.

#7 Spraying Frog Fountain Bath Toy Set 

This spraying frog fountain toy set makes bath time so much more fun. It instantly activates in the bathtub, starts rotating, and sprinkles water everywhere.

It floats itself and opens up a new world for kids during bath time.

This cute frog is a perfect companion for your toddler. It makes bathtime and summer time fun; it doesn't matter if you have it in the bathtub, at a beach, or a swimming pool.

It is an ideal Birthday gift for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers too.

If your kid enjoys playing with water, you should get this toy. This toy can be used in the pool as well to keep your kid engaged in some activity.

Its colors make your kid stimulate healthier senses and helps them make their hand to eye coordination better.


#8 Galaxy Projector Night Light  with Music Box

Every child needs reassurance before going to bed. Night time can be scary for kids, as it is dark and silent. This galaxy projector can help make the nighttime fun and safe for your kids for times like these. It is a perfect gift for baby girls and boys as well.

I mean, what can be better than having stars all around your walls and ceilings? It is a starry night light projector with three main features, The star, galaxy, and space projector, which lets you bring space into your home.

It has an adjustable night light that helps your kids sleep better without being in a dark room. It has a built-in music box that makes it the best Christmas or birthday gift for your toddler or friend.

Finding the best gifts for toddlers is a whole new challenge because that your toddlers have opinions now — a lot of opinions — so not just any toy will do. 

Hope this toddler gift guide can help you find gifts that your toddler will play with more than the box it came in.