The Best Ways to Cut A Watermelon - Thanks to the Creative Cutting Tools

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

To most of the people, cold juicy watermelon is summers’ ultimate thirst quencher. This sweet kind of fruit is also very healthy. And now that most of the melons in the market are seedless, it’s easier than ever to dive in and eat/ drink without spitting (or swallowing) seeds. 

The melons are freshest when you buy them whole and cut them yourself. You can cut watermelon into rounds, wedges, slices, or cubes, or even scoop out the flesh with a melon baller. However, when faced with cutting a giant watermelon, it can be hard to know where to start.

Thanks to those creative and unique watermelon cutting tools -- named watermelon cutter or slicer, we can get the most efficient and easy way to cut this summer's beloved fruit. Get perfect cubes every time without worrying about creating a mess.

How to Prepare Your Watermelon Before Cutting

No matter if you want to slice your watermelon into triangles, batons, cubes, or just peel it, you'll have to start with these below basic steps.

1, Pick a ripe & sweet watermelon

Although it can be difficult to know how ripe the interior is just by inspecting the outside, there are several clever tricks you can learn to help you pick a watermelon. 

If you don’t know how to pick a good watermelon, please read that post for the top 8 tips for picking a ripe and sweet watermelon from the store. Enjoy!

2, Wash and Rinse the watermelon thoroughly

Before you get started, wash off the melon with soap and water or rinse the watermelon under the faucet to remove dirt, germs, and pesticides from the watermelon rind. 

Since bacteria lurks on melon skin, and you don’t want to drag it into your melon. It’s important to wash the rind because everything the knife touches on the outside of the melon will end up in contact with the watermelon flesh as it slices through.

3, Slice off both ends of the watermelon and halve it

You’d better cut melons on a clean cutting board with a runnel to catch all the juices, and also using a large serrated knife (or sharp chef’s knife). 

Since a serrated knife works best for items that have a softer interior and tougher exterior like melons, tomatoes, and breads. Knives must be longer than the fruit you're going to cut. 

Cut the top and the bottom of the watermelon, by standing it, then slice down through the center of the melon. To make triangles or batons, slice it lengthwise. To peel and/or cube the watermelon, slice it crosswise. 

Note: the melon will keep better uncut so unless you’re prepping for a party, wrap one half in plastic and refrigerate. 

How to Cut Watermelon Using Fruit Cutting Tools

Watermelon is how summer rewards us for putting up with all the heat. But, whether your watermelon is large or small, you're going to have to cut it up to serve it up. 

While this summer's best fruit can be a little tricky to slice. So we need some creative fruit cutting tools to help. Less waste, more taste! Also check the below watermelon cutting videos for more details.

1, Using Handy Watermelon Cutter

This is the slicer you’ve been waiting for! Serve your homegrown watermelons, cantaloupes or honeydew melons direct from the garden with less mess with this handy stainless steel cutting tool.

Once fruits are cut in half, place tool claw down to sweep through, slicing all the way to the rind, then flip the tool and use like tongs to lift out the perfect 1" wide slices; notches on the sides help to grasp and lift fruit from the rind.

Please be noted that this watermelon cutter is meant to only be used on the watermelon flesh for slicing after the melon has already been cut in half, not to be used to cut the rind.

2, Using a Windmill Watermelon Slicer to Make Melon Cubes

Aren't you tired of making a mess every time when you try to make a fruit salad for your family? This windmill melon cutter should be the best revolution for watermelon eating, perfect for cutting the fruit into cubes.

You may never imagine a watermelon can be cut in seconds until you have this magical gadget. It only takes three minutes to get a large plate of watermelon cubes.

This watermelon slicer come with one automatic cutter blade, just push the watermelon slicer tool into watermelon, watermelon cubes come out automatic.

It’s wonderful and novelty tool which allow quick cutting and serving of watermelon, honeydew etc. Even it’s funny to using and tasting together with your children.

How to use this watermelon cubes slicer?

  • Step One: Confirm the size (0-2 CM) of watermelon cube you want to cut.
  • Step Two: Hold the watermelon by hand. Just push our watermelon slicer tool into watermelon. The windmill slicer blade will cut watermelon into cube automatically.
  • Step Three: Extract the slicer out. Perfect watermelon cubes come out.
  • Step Four: Put the watermelon cubes on the dish. Enjoy it.

3, Using 2-in-1 Dual Head Melon Ball Carving Knife

Create perfect fruit garnishes with this 2-In-1 Stainless Steel Melon Scooper Carving Knife. With a scooping head on one end and carving knife on the other, your possibilities are endless.

Scooper comes with a small hole on back of sphere to help coax fruit out without getting damaged. Slice, cut & scoop vegetables, cookies, cakes, watermelon & more. 

Add a melon baller in a set with a windmill watermelon slicer, which can help you get not only square style but also ball style. So funny and Amazing! 

This is a revolutionary for traditional watermelon cut which will change the habits of people on earth to eat watermelon and melon.

  • Cut the watermelon in quarters.Find the midpoint of the watermelon and cut through it to separate your melon into halves. Then place each half on your cutting board with the rind facing up. Cut each half in half, lengthwise or crosswise.
  • Scoop out the fruit.Use a melon baller or an ice cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of the watermelon. Place it into a bowl or Tupperware container. A seedless watermelon is best for this method, so you don’t end up with seeds inside your melon balls. Alternatively, you can remove the seeds as you scoop out the fruit.
  • Serve chilled.Chilled melon balls are a wonderfully refreshing treat that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

4, Using Popsicle Shape Watermelon Cutting Tool

This awesome watermelon slicer or named Popsicle maker is a wonderful tool cut and serve the watermelon in a quick and clean way. Perfect for kids and parties to increases the fun.

You can slice and extract from the fruit, with just press, perfect slices of pulp, while eliminating the zest.

Since the watermelon slicer cuts through and leaves you a bit watermelon rind with each slice, it gives you a handle to hold onto the Popsicle, which makes it perfect for giving to kids or drunk adults without them being left with incredibly sticky fingers that need to be rinsed off afterwards.

Want to impress all of your picnic guests with the cutest watermelon pops? Then get this!


Say goodbye to juice all over your face and chin with these perfect watermelon sticks and creative cutter gadgets. Enjoy these little watermelon hacks and enjoy your summer time.