Why You Need An All Perspectives Wave Induction Headlamp

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

When you need a hands-free light, a headlamp is a must-have. The headlamp here in this article means the flashlight worn on your head.

What is Wave Induction Headlamp?

A Wave Induction Headlamp is a type of headlamp that uses motion sensors to turn the light on and off. It is designed to be hands-free and is often used by runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The headlamp is activated by a wave of the hand in front of the motion sensor, which turns the light on. The same motion will turn the light off. This feature is useful for runners who need to adjust the light while on the move, without stopping to fiddle with buttons or switches.

Wave Induction Headlamps are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some models have adjustable brightness settings, while others have a single brightness level.

Why You Need An All Perspectives Wave Induction Headlamp

The headlamp I am going to recommend here is a USB rechargeable All Perspectives Wave Induction Headlamp, which will offer you 350 lumens of bright continuous illumination with unrivaled light coverage.

This is a must have if you are into outdoor activities or just working around your house and you needed more light but don’t like to wear a bulky piece of a light on your head. It's very lightweight, bright, rechargeable and has motion sensor built in.

350 Lumens Super Bright

If you take this hands free and super bright headlamp in your life, you are going to have a light that wraps around your head so you can see your entire peripheral is 10/10. 

It is so bright that may be annoying your co-workers while working.

So one word of warning: Do NOT look INTO the light!

No direct shinning on eyes of people or animals, which may cause instant blindness.

Light Weight and Adjustable Band

If headlamps are essential for you, in another words that you use headlamps constantly, you must take this headlamp into consideration, since it is light weight and easy to bring everywhere with you.

You can just keep this small headlamp on your hat or around your neck until needed.

There are also clips come with the package for you to keep it on your hat, and the band is long enough to definitely wrap around a hard hat or helmet.

5 Lighting Modes & Wave Induction

There are different settings you can set the main one is the brightness from high to low. Another one is the smaller one near the on and off switch.

There is a motion sensor switch you can set up. By clicking the switch you can turn it on and off by waving your hand over the unit.

This ultimate all in one head torch is pefect for all kinds of  activities, with 5 lighting modes, ideal for those awkward jobs that are difficult to reach.

The motion sensor turns the light on and off by hand which is very useful when your hands are dirty or holding onto something.

But, be attention that the motion detector may take a little practice.

Who Should Use This Wave Induction Headlamp

Unlike other head torches you have, you don't need to adjust your head position to get the light in the right place. 

If you are working all day, I would definitely recommend you to get two, so that you can keep one charged while using the other one.

Let's check out all the activites you can use this headlamp in the daily life or working. And you may also find out who should use this headlamp, then you can consider it as a nice gift choice or Christmas stocking stuffer for someone who may need it.

1. Headlamp For Electrician

As an electrician, if you sometimes work in wall cavities or other areas where there isn’t much light, then this headlamp can make your workday a heck of a lot easier.

And if you have to do some rewiring work in the loft, that meant turning the power off.

This little gadget will make thing so much easier. Hands free all the time to concentrate on the job.

But you'd better turn off the motion sensor and manually turn the light on.

2. Headlamp For Plumbers

As a plumber, when a leak springs, you need to be prepared and that's why you don't skimp when it comes to your tools, especially your plumbing lights.

With this light weight and super brignt headlamp, you can crawl under a sink, for plumbing problems, and see everything! Lights up a large area in any dark room. 

But for this job, you'd better turn off the motion sensor and manually turn the light on.

3. Headlamp for Mechanics

Mechanics need a full range of movement to handle small parts or stubborn bolts that won’t budge without force.

Machines come in all different shapes, sizes and functions so you'll be used to working from many awkward angles and positions.

When you’re under the hood or beneath the chassis, you’re going to need two hands free to tackle the task.

For example, work on cars, and spend plenty of time underneath cars where working with both hands is sometimes the only way to get things done. That's why you should take this hands free headlamp to work.

No matter you are changing sparkplugs or vacuuming out your car, and it's nice being able to see everything lit up.

Perfect for keeping those greasy hands off your light.

4. Headlamp for Night Delivery Driver, Loader and Tow Truck Driver

If you are a late night delivery driver or a warehouse loader, you will also find how bright and how useful this headlamp is for you to work in the night darkness.

And if you are a tow truck driver. This headlamp will free up your hands so you can hook up the cars & trucks more easily, especially in the night.

5. Outdoor Adventures (Hiking, Hungting, Camping, Caving and Fishing)

Whether you are hunting in the dark forest, hiking through the wilderness, exploring the depths of a cave, night fishing or camping, having one of the best headlamps is a very useful hands-free way to enjoy your outdoor adventures.

If hunting, you'd better turn off the motionn sensor, since it is sensitive so be aware of that.

Have you lost count of the times you have turned up late in the evening to a campsite for a weekend getaway, and fumbled with a flashlight while trying to set up a tent?

But aside from helping you to avoid camping faux pas, a headlamp can be used for a lot of different purposes. If you use this headlamp, you won’t risk life and limb when mother-nature is calling.

Not only that, but you can use a headlamp to read a few pages in a book, or look at a map to plan out your path for the next days hike, before you fall asleep.

Most expert fishermen go fishing early in the morning before it is light outside. They know that this is the period of time when fish bite. The only problem is it is still dark outside. If you take this headlamp, you can see your way around and see how to bait a hook. 

You can find your way into your boat without falling over the edge which is easy to do when you are half-asleep anyway.

6. Outdoor Exercises ( Trail Running, Jogging and Riding)

If you’re a jogger or you need to ride a bike in daily life, you must need a light for the winter months, thus this headlamp is the one for you.

If you like to go for a trail run, you will need clear vision ahead of you to see where there might be trees, animals, and even other people in your way.

This headlamp will just make sense to help you light your way.

7. Home Repairs & Handyman Work

Home repairs and tasks seems to come at you by the droves.

There is the leaky faucet, the plugged up sink drain, or the furnace that’s making that strange noise in the basement.

What better way to do this than going hands-free with a headlamp?

So the handyman in your life deserves some awesome gifts that will make their craft or hobby more exciting and easier.

This COB Headlamp provides a long-lasting and hands-free source of light. Sitting on top of your head, they are perfect for fixing things in dark areas!

8. Do Farm Chores

If you own a farm, this head torch will totally change the way you do farm chores after dark!!

You can use it for getting your horses in on dark evenings. You can use this for both work and sorting the horses early mornings.

9. Dog Walking

If you are a pet owner, and you should take this wave induction headlamp for walking the dog in the dark. Because when holding a leash and trying to control an excited pet, holding a flashlight isn’t always ideal.

This headlamp can provide you with the light that you need to walk your dog safely, allowing you to see what’s around you and allowing drivers to see you and your pet.

But be careful, don't shinning the light directly to your dog to avoid instant blindness.

If you like to try this wave induction headlamp, just click below picture to check the details and order it directly from our store:


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