15 Life-changing Household Gadgets That Will Hack Your Life

Luckybudmall Oct 19, 2022

From a self-draining soap holder to a space saving clothes hanger, here in this blog post comes across some amazing household gadgets designed to make your mundane tasks a little bit easier and much more fun.

These gadgets are serious problem solvers and some of them will also save you a lot of time and save some space for your house. 

Just imagine how your daily life would change if you had each of these wonderful gadgets at home.

You can also check out these surprising life hacks & gadgets details in below video, maybe you haven’t met some of them before!

Enjoy Your Perfect Tool for the Job Happiness

If there's a gadget that will make life much easier and even have fun, then you should rest assured that you will buy it and have it handy for the next time you need it.

After all, life's too short to use subpar products that take forever! 

Luckily for you, here this blog is filled with incredible, handy gadgets to try. We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do.

#1 This Soap Dish Helps Bar Soaps Dry Off in A Sanitary Manner

Look at these elegant leaf-shaped soap holder, you may never thought a soap container could be made in such a sense of art.

Most bar soap containers allow the soap to soak in its own filthy water until it dries, however, this self draining shower soap holder, works exactly how it should but with more fun which will prevent the phenomenon of partially dissolved bar soap.

Whether you store your bar soap in the shower, or just next to the sink, life is so much better with dry soap.

Want something a bit more dramatic to sit in your bathroom or kitchen sink? Try this new designed soap dish. 

This is a genius soap saver that helps bar soaps dry off in a sanitary manner, while looking really cool on your counter.

#2 This Wall Mounted Broom & Mop Hanger Holds Cleaning Tools in Place

Live in an apartment? Are you renting? Have literally NO space to organize? Small bathroom? AND no floor space? All of these are headache household pain point, right?

If you have a closet in your house with some limited storage space, or if there is no place for you to hang your broom and swiffer in the kitchen, or if you are an organization freak.

This stainless steel wall mounted broom and mop holder has been such a lifesaver to keep your broom, mop and other cleaning tools in one place, which will become one of your best mop & broom storage ideas.

#3 Enjoy More Counter Space Than Ever with This Roll Up Dish Drainer Rack

Are you looking for a dish drying rack that does not take up space? Do you need a multifunctional kitchen sink organizer? 

This roll up dish drainer rack provides you an awesome solution for your kitchen organization.

This kitchen gadget is so perfect for hand washed dishes and saves space perfectly. Folds up great and is out of the way when not needed! 

You don't have to use a dish drainer or drying pad on the counter anymore. A practical housewarming gift for who lives in a small apartment with small kitchen.

#4 Saving Soap & Time with This 2-in-1 Dish Soap Dispenser & Sponge Caddy

Are we expected to hunt under the sink cabinet for the bottle of dish soap every-time we need to do some scrubbing?

Apparently not anymore now that this ingenious sponge soap dispenser exists. 

Cleaning dishes is about to get a whole lot faster with this soap pump & sponge caddy.

Fill it up with 13oz of your favorite dish soap, then use the included sponge to press down on the pump, which dispenses the perfect amount of dish soap up onto the sponge. 

No more stopping to grab the soap bottle and saves more time than you'd think.

It doesn't take up much space on sink, looks better than having a bottle of dish soap there. 

You can even use it with other types of cleaners and scrubbers, including rags, scouring pads, and more, all while keeping them off the counter.

It also helps prevent dripping, spills, and trailing.

#5 This Mini Pull String Food Chopper Can Save Time & Avoid Mess in Kitchen

Chopping garlic and onions with a knife is one of the most cumbersome tasks while cooking.

However, with a manual food chopper can make quick work of ingredients that are either unpleasant or normally difficult to cut with a knife. 

This handy kitchen gadget will be the ultimate time and tear saver in the kitchen.

This pull string food processor chops small pieces of fruit, vegetables, boneless meats, herbs, nuts, and even ice, all by the power of your hands, which is great for small kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping.

Because you can do all of your chopping with one small gadget and it keeps things easy when it comes to cleaning.. 

The bowl of the gadget is BPA free and safe for containing food. No electricity required. A great time saver for making baby or kids food at anywhere.


#6 This Rotate Tube Squeezer Keeps Going to the Very End of Your Toothpaste

Every time when use toothpaste, do you feel like you are always trying to squeeze the toothpaste out?

But with a rolling tube squeezing aid, it is great to get all the toothpaste to the front, and you can keep going to the very end of your toothpaste. 

Much more control and no mess, No longer wasting loads of toothpaste.

#7 These Magic Kitchen Towels Will Save Scores of Paper Towels for You

Are you tired of buying, washing, throwing away dish cloths over and over?

Do you get tired of having a dish towel that always end up smelling very quickly after you used it a few times for a couple days? 

Get ready for your first wood fiber dish cloth experience? At first it looks pretty harsh but once you started using it you would love it.

Because it is so absorbent and can scrub everything, which will save scores of paper towels monthly for you.

#8 No More Frustrating Opening Bottles/ Jars with This Multi Opener

Opening jars or cans or bottles can be a source of frustration for anyone but as you get older and the hands become a bit weaker it can become more of an issue. 

This easy-to-use manual 6-in-1 multi opener tool can open any size lid or cap - from small soda bottles to extra-large jars. 

This multifunctional kitchen gadget opens 6 different types of seals and lids including bags, safety seals, pull-tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops, and jar lids.

You no longer have to make that long haul trip to grandma's house just to open that bottle of jam for her. 

Not just for the home, you can take it along to picnics, camping and trips.


#9 Peel & Slice Anything with This One Set Fit All Vegetable Peelers

Now you can peel anything and everything with a magic trio peelers set and you don't need to use the processor to do the slicing any more: including function as standard peeler, professional peeler, julienne peeler, mini melon ball scoop and U shape handle.

Happiness comes in a small package packing with 3 magic peelers. Then you will find it works like a charm, wife happy, mother happy, mother in law happy...WIN WIN WIN.

Watch your fingers because they are sharp! 

#10 This Flexible Shaft Extension Drill Opens SMuch Possibilities

Practical gift makes life much more easier. This flexible shaft extension drill bit is a great present to a handy person in your life!

This electric screwdriver bit set is perfect for small space operations, suitable for computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances and other places that screwdriver can not work.

It is brilliant and opens so much possibilities even for someone who is not handy with any tool!

#11 This Fast Defrosting Tray Is The Best Solution to Forgetting to Thaw

Are you always forgetting to get the meat out of the freezer? Don’t you hate when you are halfway through your day at work and realize you forgot to pull dinner out of the freezer?

Here comes the best solution to forgeting to thaw -- High density aviation aluminum thawing plate for faster defrosting frozen food.

This magic thawing board will save your time of preparing meal, there is no electricity or microwave involved when thawing out your food. 

Also the top tray has ridges to allow water to flow into the bottom tray so that water does not get all over the counter, and it is easy to clean and reuse again.

#12 Cutting A Watermelon Like A Chef with These Creative Watermelon Slicers

Cold juicy watermelon must be the summers’ ultimate thirst quencher, do you agree? 

You can cut watermelon into rounds, wedges, slices, or cubes, or even scoop out the flesh with a melon baller. However, when faced with cutting a giant watermelon, it can be hard to know where to start.

Thanks to these creative and unique watermelon cutting tools, you can get the most efficient and easy way to cut this summer's beloved fruit. 

Get perfect cubes every time without worrying about creating a mess.

#13 This Metal Space Saving Clothes Hanger Is Perfect for Small Apartments

You've tried to donate clothes and cut back on the shopping, but you're resigned to the fact that you're just a fashion lover.

That doesn't need to be a problem when you have these space saving hangers.

Made of strong and durable stainless chrome that will last for years.

Every clothes hanger organizer hangs can holds 12 garments (up to 15lbs) horizontally and hold 6 pieces (up to 30lbs) vertically!

It's great for hanging your every heavy overcoat, suit, jeans, sweaters. 

The hangers hooks are big enough (1.68 inches.) to fit wider closet rods; Very handy for making room in your closet.

#14 This Adjustable Phone Stand Frees Your Hands While Enjoying the Phone

Are you tired of losing your phone behind ingredients, pots and pans while trying to cook from online recipes? 

Working from home during this special year means a lot of phone calls on your cell, random video calls with friends after work, and music or videos during the day at your desk... right?

This cell phone stand is easy to adjust, depending on your table height. If you have neck problems and placing the phone on the stand when you use it for any length of time allows you to keep your neck in a neutral position and avoid text neck.

Life saver, right? Enjoy your phone and tablet with hands free.


#15 A Special LED Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder for Vloggers

A ring light designed with a cell phone holder can serves as an economical lighting tool for indoor filming and vlogging, a perfect gadget for makeup artists and a great youtuber starter kit.

You can also use it as your fill light in a studio shoot where you may already have other light sources.

This ensures that you have just enough soft lighting to directly brighten your subject for a more three-dimensional look.

With three lighting modes and 10-level adjustable brightness, and flexible long arms, this led ring light with stand are arguably the best lighting for filming YouTube videos, especially for vloggers, live streaming and product reviewers. 

What’s more, hands free!


Life is hard, especially when it comes to deal with several repetitive daily household chores, hope the above life saving home gadgets list can handle your every struggle throughout the day to make it easier and fun.

Even if you’re not typically a "gadget person", these handy little gadgets are practical enough to make your life a whole lot simpler every day, for practically everyone you know. 

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